The Start of Something New

Crap. And now I have that dumb High School Musical song playing in my head…

Today is the 1st. Officially, the 1st of December. The 1st of a new month. The 1st of the last month of this crazy, insane year. The last chance at a new beginning for this year.

Now, some of you may disagree with me. Each day is of equal importance, and I know we will bicker over what a “new beginning” really and truly means. I will agree that each day can be a fresh start. But I also don’t want to completely live by that idea. Because, if that is the case, then each day that I choose not to go to the gym can just be erased the next day. (I hope the way I said that makes sense.)

Plus, the 1st of December is so striking. The air is crisp (or freezing, depending on if you live where I do or not), the holidays are upon us (and the music is everywhere–take that as you may), and people are in newly-positive moods.

Or they’re impatient bastards. There is no in-between.

I just want to wish everyone a happy 1st. I hope all of your New Years Resolutions are made with ease, and that they come to fruition for you in the coming months. I hope you intend to provide a healthy, positive lifestyle for yourself and those around you. I hope you travel more, laugh often, and participate only in the things that bring you joy.

This year may have beaten me down a bit, but my positive attitude is like a spark. I intend to spread it like wildfire.

Because why the hell not?


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