I wrote this yesterday. Then I got busy and couldn’t post it. So, here ya go.
Today was weird. Thought I’d share. Put everyone’s life into perspective.
I parked several blocks from work, as I normally do when I work in the box office at the arena. I started walking to the arena and got about a block when I realize I wasn’t going to make it through without my jacket. So I turned back. (I had to dig in my purse to find my keys again because GIRL.)
So I started out on my trek again, this time a little more covered. (This crazy midwest weather going from disgustingly hot temperatures to fall ALL OF THE SUDDEN… is something my body will always reject. I’m catching a cold as I type this.) I got all the way up to the building when I realized I was still wearing my flip flops and hadn’t changed my shoes. So, I turned back around and walked the few blocks back. (Dug my keys out again. Because GIRL.)
When I was a couple of blocks away from the arena this time, I felt my skirt loosen up. This made me stop in my tracks and my stomach drop a bit. Why? Because my skirt is a piece of fabric that ties on the side. So if it’s loosening, that means it’s about to fall.
My skirt was about to fall off.
I stopped in my tracks, and went to reach under my jacket to fix the tie on my skirt. My phone fell out of my pocket onto the ground. Cool. I picked up my phone. Made a mistake and put it back in the same pocket. Realized I couldn’t fix the skirt without taking the jacket off. Unzipped the jacket. Reached to tie my skirt. Dropped my phone again.
This time, it was face up. So that’s good.
Fixed my skirt. Zipped my jacket. Picked up my things. There was a man who was walking passed me and he was about to pass without saying anything, which was fine.
But then I sniffed.
I was wearing sunglasses and sniffing and–even though it was because I had spent an ungodly amount of time in the chilly weather, running back and forth from the arena to my car–I knew this man thought I was crying. So he said “hello.” And I said “hi” back.
I made it into the box office twelve minutes later than my call time. I was going to be on time. And now I think I am getting a bit of a cold. So, cool. Good news? I still had time to eat my breakfast before I opened my window!

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