Manifest Monday: Short Term Goals

I often find myself making lists. Ridiculous amounts of lists. Lists in notebooks, lists in planners, lists on post-its, lists on other paper. I was lucky enough to get a little notepad from my good friend Lacey at work the other day to make lists just when I am on my shifts at that job. I’m crazy. Life is crazy. Lists are fun.

That being said, I started on this listing journey a while back. It was supposed to be 52 weeks of lists–once a week–posted to this blog. Well, I got to the 20th prompt and realized there were no more. The author of the project wanted to monetize it, so she released a journal with all 52 prompts and is selling it for $17.

So, I decided to move in a different direction. I found list prompts on other sites. I got inspiration everywhere. I made drafts of lists. I left them places. I threw them away. I hated my old ones. And now, it’s been far too long since I have posted to my blog. I am frustrated, but it is difficult sometimes to be inspired. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not Superman (I’m Batman) and I can’t always do what I promise. (My boyfriend has been re-teaching me to say “no” to people and I almost can’t handle it!)

My next list? It’s just below. I have decided to list 5 short-term goals that I’d like to get accomplished here soon. If you’d like to help me stick to them, I’d LOVE that… you can always shoot me a “Hey, are you working on that?!” at

K. Cool.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.23.28 AM

  1. RECORD AN ORIGINAL SONG. Guys. I have recorded clips. I have written songs. I want to record a song from start to finish. I have the equipment. I have the time. I need the push. I want to accomplish this by the new year.
  2. Finish one of my books. I have a zillion books in the making. I started a ton in high school, college, living on both coasts, and with new jobs. I want to finish one and get proposals sent out to publishing companies. If anyone has any hookups in this industry or advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. Complete a well-filmed and amazingly edited short to submit to an array of film fests. This has been done. I have done this. My sister has done this. We have been applauded in foreign countries. But I want this next one to really get people. And I think it can. (Filming and editing will be done in the next week, so this will be off the list pretty quickly.)
  4. Find a fulfilling full-time job. I love my production company. I love having time to write. I want to find a job with some stability that values their employees and provides me with a sense of accomplishment and excitement. At least every once in a while. I’m looking in several industries and have been applying in the immediate area. If anyone has any suggestions, they are greatly appreciated.
  5. CAMP. I went camping with my boyfriend and his family in the springtime. I have been wanting to go all summer, but it has been difficult with our schedules. I’m hoping to find time in the next month or so to go on a camping or hiking adventure with my boyfriend. Because I’d really like him to see that I can handle a little bit of dirt. PLUS, I kind of want some down time with nature AND I want to use the cast iron teapot his sister got me!! 🙂

What are YOUR 5 short-term goals? Remember, they can be anything! Leave a comment here, on my Facebook, or email them to me. I’d love to be an accountability partner!


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