What I Have Done Today

I don’t want anyone to think that people who are not employed full time somehow aren’t productive or don’t have work ethic. **I’m not excusing those people who do fall into that category. I just want you to know I’m not laying around doing nothing. ALL day.

Today, this is what I have accomplished:
*   I attended the 6am Sunrise Flow Yoga at BodyFit!
*   Posted to Instagram AND LinkedIn AND Facebook groups about seeking a new job/career opportunity.
*   Walked my good friend Sarah’s puppy, Tuss. Took photo to send to Sarah.
*   Posted to my personal Instagram account, as well as our @Twins_Wrap account!
*   Had Quincy over during her lunch hour. She ate her leftover Gates BBQ that I stored here for her, and we chatted. 🙂
*   Started my Mexican soup crock pot meal that I’ve been meaning to make for weeks! (Thanks for the recipe, mom!)
*   Listed on Craigslist that I will create your resume at a great price! (KC, San Diego, and Sacramento areas posted, but will work with anyone.)
*   Applied to 5 jobs, and reached out about several more.
*   Edited and sent an article I have been working on for Quarter Life Joy.
*   I wrote an entire song! I even recorded the chorus. 🙂
*   I stretched, and did some yoga with my wrist and ankle weights.
*   Used two ItWorks! wraps on my midsection for a few hours. (Took before and after photos to post to our Instagram account, of course!)
*   Made a pot of tea with my cast iron teapot from Quincy! (The ginger peach happiness I got in Chico, CA with Allison, Megan and Erin!)
*   I hand washed my dishes.
*   I watched a really sad movie on Netflix.

Now I’m drinking more tea, looking up random job opportunities, and am about to do abs and arms routines. Yup, I’m a stunna like that.

What has your Wednesday consisted of?


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