Manifest Monday: Beauty

Well, the listing challenge got complicated. The blogger who started it didn’t link to her new site correctly, and I can’t find the rest of the posts. This–plus life–is what deterred me from continuing with Manifest Monday for so long.

But I need to start again.

So I found some new prompts and I’ll be continuing with those for fun. Art Journalist has a list of lists for your art. Time to do this!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.23.28 AM

Tulip_Petals_Red_copy The sunrise through my apartment windows. Yes, my half of the building faces east. Yes, this makes it difficult to sleep in. It also makes it scorchingly hot in the summertime. But since I’m up at the ass crack of dawn, I get a lot of time to reflect. Watching the sun rise over the trees and looking out at The Loretto across the street (where my grandmother went to high school) and glancing over the Volker neighborhood where so many wonderful things have happened for me so far, I really do appreciate the day.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy The love my parents share. I don’t get to see a love like theirs in most places. There is perhaps only a handful of couples that I look up to for inspiration. Those two? They’re #1.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy My puppy. She is getting geriatric, but she is so beautiful and I love staring into her bright crystal clear blue eyes.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy The manifesto I wrote during my first run with The Skinny Dip Society. It was a culmination of thoughts and the words I crafted were–if I do say so myself–pure art. I need to get that sucker printed.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Laughter. But only if you have nice teeth. If you don’t, don’t open your mouth. 
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy A boost of caffeine on days when I can’t quite open my eyes.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Awkwardly, I found beauty in the gym this weekend. I was doing reps with weights and realized how much stronger I’ve gotten. It’s all about how you feel, not how you look. And I feel pretty awesome with where I’m at.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Being able to provide for myself. I have been providing a lot of things for myself over the years, but it’s all been in the last few months that this has really been tested. I officially moved out of my parents’ house on my own and live in a gorgeous apartment that I’ve made my own, paying for all of my stuff. I purchased a car in cash and it is fully mine. Last summer, I paid off all my student loans so I have zero debt to my name. I also just purchased a laptop–mainly for work–last week, which made me feel pretty adult, if I do say so myself.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy My boyfriend. (I know, yuck.) But he is. He’s got just the most beautiful soul. And he’s easy on the eyes, too.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Women who don’t feel the need to wear makeup or look perfect all the time.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy People who know how to do makeup. It’s an art, really. It’s like a coloring book for me and it’s fun to experiment every so often.

Tulip_Petals_Red_copy  The mission of the company I just signed on to work with is so beautiful. Helping people–women in particular, but also men–to live the lives they may have dreamed but were always too afraid to start. It’s about to get real up in here. (Check out our FREE kick start program here!)
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Realizing in retrospect that even though I thought I was in a good place before now, the feeling of peace has grown exponentially in the last couple of weeks, especially with my transition to this job. It’s a beautiful feeling.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Feeling comfortable with the texture and style of my hair (most days) right now. I finally pulled the trigger to get an undercut and I feel so badass! I have to justify it every once in a while, but it is what it is. Plus my hair looks really good when I don’t style it, which is perfect for this gross midwest summer weather. Womp womp.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy My feet. I love them. 
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Music. All of it. This is why I dislike when people bash music. It’s an individual’s creative expression. You might not like it personally, but embrace things that are different!
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy The silence when I walk into my apartment.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy The seasons. All four of them. I missed them when I lived in SoCal.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Fathers. And mothers. But yesterday was Father’s Day. So that.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy The growth of my mint, succulent, and aloe. The way they vary from day to day depending on their sun exposure and the temperature of my apartment. **Note: As of right now, my spearmint plant is a little sad. I didn’t have my AC on all weekend and it’s suffering a bit!


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