All The Teas Are Teasing Me!

I have a slight obsession with tea.

In fact, I love tea so much that my collection just keeps growing. And several times in the last three months I have been approached by my mom and my boyfriend and told not to buy any more tea. They have both implored me to drink the tea that I have. But I’m always hearing of new blends and different benefits to loose leafs and satchels and I’m loving more and more the adorable teapots I see on a regular basis. In fact, my boyfriend’s sister bought me a cast iron kettle for my future camping trips.

Which I really like to do.

I love to camp.

Well, I just started deciding to camp. I’ll make it there. And the point to this is that she saw the kettle and she was like BING BANG BOOM MEREDITH NEEDS THAT ISH.

And I did.

My pantry has all the teas. High caffeinated tea, chai tea, black tea, green tea, white tea, flavors of all the variations, tea to make me lose weight and tea to cleanse my system. I see tea on my Instagram feed on the daily and I just want to purchase it. And then I see the prices and I just want to find the ingredient list, buy all of the herbs that are in the tea blends, and grow everything and dry it out myself to “save money”.

This is becoming a problem.

Not only am I becoming someone who believes in magic for more than just its name, but I’m also become a full-fledged, self-supporting, cut-off-from-the-world, borderline cat lady. (No, seriously. I found a kitten at KC Pet Project I want and I’ve decided my friends need to keep me away from the shopping center it is located at. Sorry, Darth Vader. You were probably perfect for me with your one month old gray and white kitty face, but I need my space. And more money for my tea habits.)

I guess I’m calling out to you, internet. I am a tea freak. You should totally send me all of the tea. Teatoxes, hot tea, cold tea, fruit tea, spicy tea, mint tea, ALL THE TEA.

If you have tea, I will take it. I will be so happy. If you have herbs or herb seeds to make the tea, I will take it. If it’s a blend that has ingredients that help clear skin and reduce bloating, I’m especially all for it.

I’m airing my dirty laundry while I beg you for tea.

Someone stop me.

Or… oblige me.


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