Journeys begin and journeys end.

In my case, my career’s journey has been a long and winding one. Today I am announcing to the world (or, everyone who cares… MOM) that it is my last day as a BIGSHOT at BIGSHOT Inbound Marketing. Since last fall, I have been THE social media department at a small advertising agency in Kansas City, where I have drafted, edited, posted, analyzed, etc. social media efforts for 15+ clients at any given time. During my time here, I have seen the onboarding of new clients and the transition out of work with others. I have celebrated birthdays, work anniversaries, graduations, going away parties, and first days. I have spent time with some amazing people–and have certainly met a handful of keepers. I even convinced my cousin to come intern with us this summer!

And now my time here is over.

Starting Monday, I will be working for a very promising startup company in the Kansas City Startup Village called Hello Fearless. I am excited to announce that I will be handling the majority of social media alongside some very impressive and fun people. I love that I will be working with female entrepreneurs from around the world, and really find that the mission of the company aligns with my own personal goals and core values. Conveniently enough, the offices are within walking distance from my apartment (or, at least cycling distance), and I think it’s a good move for me as I have worked in The Startup Village previously and really enjoyed my time there. PLUS I will be super close to Sarah’s house. Which makes for more chances to see my amazing friend and BIGSHOT coworker.

I accepted the job offer–presented to me at a happy hour with my new coworkers–pretty quickly, knowing that my gut was telling me to go for it. I see a lot of potential with this company, and feel like it’s a pretty bold move on my part. I was worried because of the fact that I was offered the position while Mercury was in Retrograde ((and it is not advised to move forward with big decisions during that time, as you may have increased emotions due to communication issues)), but they have already welcomed me with open arms onto their team.

I want to thank my incredible twin sister Erin for introducing me to this company months ago. I originally intended to be an unpaid intern, but was given the opportunity to join the team in a contracted position. I was blown away by the offer, and am exilirated to begin this new journey. Not only do I believe I can bring a ton of knowledge and ambition to the community, but I also believe I will be inspired to continue steadfastly in my own entrepreneurial efforts as a writer/social media guru, ITWORKS! Distributor, photographer, and event planner.

I’m excited to do work that I believe in alongside people who believe in me.


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