How Funny Life Can Be

I drafted this on October 22, 2013. October is a week of birthdays much like April for my family. Kevin, Jack, Jared, Nick, Parker, Nathan, etc. It’s really busy. But the best part about this? I hadn’t finished drafting the post. This is what was drafted:

October is CRAZY full of Birthdays in my life. It’s amazing… I realize more and more every day how many amazing people are in my life based on the amounts of cards I’m sending out, “Happy Birthdays” I’m sending through technology, and parties I’m attending. I take the amount of quality people in my life as a sign that I must be doing something right! Today–almost two weeks after my last real blog post–I just really want to take a moment and say “Happy Birthday” to some of the people who have made me one of the happiest people in existence (I swear, it’s true!)! Thank you to everyone in my life, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all!




I hadn’t added any additional photos yet. Parker and I started dating a mere 6 months later, and he has been my boyfriend officially for almost a year. I have wished him a Happy Birthday almost every year for the past 10 years.

That’s pretty awesome.




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