Because I’m A Twin…

I drafted this 10 months ago. How it got lost in the archives, I’ll never know. Whoops. My bad.

Because I’m a twin, I get asked an enormous amount of incredibly stupid questions. And you may be thinking, “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” But seriously. There really, truly is. So some of my twin friends and I banded together to really entertain those of you who are not of multiple birthing (and to let those of you who are know that you are not alone).

Erin: Can you tell which one is which?
(Other variations: Do you ever accidentally think you are your sister? Julia: Do you ever wake up and think you’re the other one?Julia: Have you ever gotten confused as to which one you are?)

Erin: Do you share boyfriends?

Julia: Are you guys, like, psychopathic? (Other variations: Do you have that “twin connection”? Regan: Can you read each other’s minds?)

Julia: Did you always wear the same clothes growing up?

Regan: If she’s in pain somewhere, can you feel it too?
(Julia’s variation: So, if her stomach hurts, does yours hurt too?)

Do you ever try to like, trick people?
(Or: Have you ever switched places?)

Regan: Who’s smarter?

Julia: Which one is the evil twin?

Do you like being a twin?


Of COURSE we like being twins! But do you like being an only child? Do you like being a first born or a middle child or a youngest? Do you enjoy being a simple muggle?

Like, let’s be real. Everyone is something. And you don’t know life any other way. I don’t know my life without my sister. I’m lucky in that I have been given the life I’ve been given. I can complain as much as I want, but it’s completely different than any other life I would have led and I don’t have any idea what life would be like had I been born different.

So people… next time you want to ask a question, consider what you are saying first. Consider what your answer would be. Especially with those fun, inappropriate questions. Capiche?


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