Mercury is Really Harshing My Vibe!

I have not always been in tune with the planets or known of the ways people believe the workings of our solar system has much grander affects on us than solely rotation and light. But in the last few years–since I was a New Yorker, actually–I have been paying more and more attention to the way the planets change the world around us at any given time. I mean, your zodiac sign says a lot about you. But there are meditation tricks to be witnessed and performed during full moons and new moon rituals to test out. Full moons make people crazy and new moons are a sign of a fresh start and new journey. (New moons are fun because you have an entire moon cycle ahead of you!) And then there are retrogrades. Every planet goes retrograde. But Mercury–consistently–yields the weirdest situations.

Mercury in Retrograde is–quite honestly–the darnedest thing.

I have noticed a pattern in the last couple of years in myself and in the people around me. When Mercury is in Retrograde–even when I don’t realize it is at the time–I am more irritable. Plans fall through, travels get messed up, people act completely out of line, and communication is NOT #onfleek (Sarah). As I sit here writing this, I realize that my emotions seem to be in disarray. I have been impulse buying online since Tuesday (SOMEONE TAKE MY DEBIT CARD AWAY! Wait… I HAVE IT MEMORIZED! SOMEONE GET ME A DIFFERENT CARD!), and I’ve been close to tears several times with no real explanation.

No, I’m not just “being a girl.”

Guess when Mercury went retrograde? Tuesday.

What I have found is that I blunder things a little bit more during this time. I have said things–in the past 24 hours, even–that have come out in non-sentences. I have let thoughts come to my lips without really having the thought first. Today, I went to Miami Ice to get some ice cream with my boyfriend. I got a waffle cone and we went on a walk around The Loretto. When we got back, he was throwing his cup away and I was like, “Where?” and I trailed off. He looked at me quizzically, and then I said, “I was about to ask where I put my cup. Like, if there was a trash can somewhere on our walk. But I had a waffle cone and I ate it.” He laughed and admitted that he had a moment like that today and that his partner at work the past couple of days also did some bizarre shit.

Mercury. Retrograde.

And you know what’s awful about all of this? I put a lot of time and energy into most of the things that I do. I put a lot of thought into the things that I say and the words that I write.

And it’s all going to shit.

Not to mention, Gala Darling advises not to take things too personally during this time. Ummm what? Back the truck up. Mercury is in retrograde three times this year and won’t go back to normal until June 11th and YOU THINK I WON’T TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY IN THAT SPAN OF TIME? If nothing else, the patterns of this retrograde thing have further proven that my normal communication skills are out of whack and that everything I do, think, feel, taste, touch, say, etc. is ridiculous.

This morning, I laughed when we touched on this retrograde thing at work. I was like, “Man, I’m not feeling it this time at all!” I did a ride along with a lawn care client this morning and he was really cool and I had taken my time getting ready and the weather was gorgeous. This afternoon my boyfriend came over just to go on a walk and get ice cream/shaved ice with me. I was really feelin’ life!

And then I wasn’t. Just not. No particular reason. I was bad at communicating and it wasn’t an issue but I’m in a funk now. So, if the planets could speed this PROCESS up a little bit, I would greatly appreciate it.

Rant over. Kind of.

What’s harshing your vibe right now?


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