For 48 hours ONLY (the clock is TICKING!)!!!!

If you sign up to be a part of our team with It Works!, you get: (4) mini defining gels, (1) roll of wraps, all of the marketing materials, and (2) boxes of wraps!! Guys, when I joined it was just one box of wraps and marketing material. This is SUCH a huge deal.

As it was, joining as a distributor is a better deal than just ordering through your distributor as a non-Loyal Customer. But now they’ve packed a real punch! Each box of wraps retails at $99 regularly and about $70 if you’re a Loyal Customer. But you can sign up to be a distributor and have access to the It Works! catalog of sales advice, product info, discount pricing, and other information for JUST $99! No strings attached! Unlike being a Loyal Customer, you don’t have to order a certain number of products and there are NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

I’ve never been this excited about getting in shape and improving my health. Plus, I’m totally paying my utilities with it. What else could you ask for?

Sign up today! (Fun us on Instagram here!)


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