Yesterday Was A Good Day

Last night was the craziest night of warm fuzzies. I think I needed it and then simultaneously didn’t WANT it. But I got it.

After work (and feeling crummy all day) I went to Zumba. Our instructor was lovely–per usual–and decided to play a JT song and just lead us in a random dance on-the-spot. Why? She shares a love for JT with Erin and I, and we miss her JT Yoga classes so much! (That was developed because we all loved JT and we were the only ones in the class for a while. It’s the most relaxing yoga I have EVER done.) So she kind of catered to us. And I love that. I love when you have such a fun relationship that you know each other’s quirks and you play to them and you keep people smiling. It just made me SO happy!

Following Zumba, I drove home. I was a mess. I felt like I had been swimming–but that’s summertime gymming for you! I showered and then I logged in to the Skinny Dip call of the week. I’ve been lagging a bit on the material, and haven’t been in the best contact with those women, but I didn’t feel left out at all! Katie mentioned me several times, and laughed at my dumb jokes in the comment box. Her giggle is adorable, and I appreciate the audience. PLUS she gave kudos to some girls for announcements on our Facebook pages this week, and i was one of them.

Why? I bought my first VERY OWN car. In cash. Dave Ramsey-style. It’s a 2011 gunmetal gray Honda Civic LX. It was a quick turnaround and handing over that cash gave me heartburn, but it’s done. YAY!

After that fun call, I had about 30 seconds to turn around and begin my ItWorks! Launch Party. I know I have been selling for about a month, but I hadn’t done the official announcement. Well, it turned out better than I assumed. I had 15 people join me, so much interaction and engagement on the page, and I learned so much more about the product than I ever knew! It’s wonderful to see people support you in your endeavors, especially when it’s a heathy lifestyle you’re working toward and you are trying to improve the quality of life of the people around you as well. (Thanks, people!)

Which brings me to another point! I realized that now–of course the month after I signed up as distributor–there is a better distributor package available. YEAH. When I signed, it was $99 (before taxes and shipping) for a WELCOME KIT that included reading material, an ITWORKS! bracelet, and 4 wraps. NOW the kit has those items, plus 4 travel sized defining gel tubes and a package of green wraps. Am I annoyed I missed out? Yes! But I’m also excited for MY FUTURE DISTRIBUTORS! Why?

You can sign on to be a regular customer and order a box of 4 wraps for that price. You are getting a better deal if you sign up to distribute!! Distributors do NOT have to order a certain amount of times (like Loyal Customers do), and they get that discount price on all items. PLUS they can earn rewards points, free wraps, and commission! And they become part of #TEAMTWIN! (I don’t think that’s a thing. Yet. We be working on branding this weekend.) So, there’s literally NO downside to signing on as a distributor on our team!

I’m a distributor. I LOVE the product. It’s fun, it’s easy. It makes my healthy lifestyle 10x better for me! It’s inside health, it’s outside health, and it makes me feel good. And people see that. The product sells itself! You hardly have to do any work and you’re making commission.

Want to make some side cash? Want a life where you’re productive but it’s an efficient and easy type of productive? Need that extra vacation cash? Or perhaps you want to pay your utilities with that commission? (Yeah, that’s where I’m at.) Evaluate your funds. If you’ve got around $121 in the bank and you want to try this product NOW IS THE TIME. Try it. Love it like I do. Share it with your friends and family. Help everyone feel and look their best!

Be fearless.


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