A Quarter Century Down…

Holy crap. 

Today marks my 25th birthday. As of 5:07pm CST, I will be 25 years old. I WILL BE A QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD.

Is anyone else having a heart attack?

Not only does my age get underestimated on a regular basis (I don’t blame you… I have such flawless skin! Or I have the acne of a teenager), but my mother doesn’t look old enough to have a 25 year old daughter. Not to mention TWO 25 year old daughters.                                                                                    The woman is a SAINT, I tell ya!

I was a dinnertime baby. My sister and I had some medical issues. But, in the end, we came out fighters. And my mother? Like I said, a SAINT. And today we get to celebrate. Not only does the world get to celebrate 25 years of me, but 25 years of two really fun people! And I get to celebrate 25 years with my best friend.

2nd Halloween copy 2“Then” and “Now” photos. The first? Halloween. I know, we look super amused. But my mother made those fabulous costumes for it (Thank goodness I grew up in a DIY family!) and we were the best toothpaste and crayon you’ve ever seen! The second photo is in the photo booth at Erin’s wedding last year. I had been bawling sporadically throughout the day–What? It’s EMOTIONAL!–so that explains my red eyes.

I can’t put into words what it’s like to grow up with your best friend. Yes it can be a pain in the ass, but it’s also the most wonderful thing in the world. People ask me all the time what it’s like, and I just can’t give the emotions justice. I think that people of multiple births are probably born with extra emotions in our systems that aren’t equivalent to people born one at a time. This doesn’t make us any better than “normal” people {{Wait! Yes, yes it does.}}, but it’s basically a scientific fact. Ask me how I’m feeling about a situation and I probably can’t explain it so that you can understand it.

No? That’s just being a girl? Oh. OK.

I just want to thank my sister for the last 25 years of pure awesome. Because I really am who I am because of the people I surround myself with. And Erin and I have spent the most time together over the past couple of decades. Erin, thanks for your kind words, your smile, your silly laughter. Thanks for understanding my jokes and pop culture references, and for driving when I don’t want to. Thank you for having slightly better grades and making slightly better academic choices in life, you gave me something to aspire to. Thanks for trying out for cheer–because then I did too–and for joining a sorority. I wouldn’t have done either of those things if you hadn’t because, let’s face it, I hate people. Thanks for taking a chance on the same clubs as I did in high school and college. Thanks for letting me piggy-back off your class schedule decisions so we could graduate early. Thanks for sharing a room with me for the first time in over a decade when we lived at the beach house, and for the countless road trips up the coast to see friends and family. Thanks for cheering me on when I moved to NYC on a whim, and for visiting me and supporting my endeavors while I was a New Yorker. Thanks for sending me a voice recorder so I could keep track of my thoughts when I wasn’t in a place where I could write. {i.e. on the train, in a bus, at work, on a park bench, in all da clubs I went to, etc.} Thanks for all the surprise parties, and for being the best gifter I’ve ever known. Thanks for getting me in the gym before your wedding, and for introducing me to our regular classes and gym efforts. Thanks for running a business with me, where we get to be as creative as we want and no one can say “no”. Thanks for recruiting me to the It Works! family and encouraging me to reach bigger goals than I ever thought possible. Thanks for being generous and donating your time and creativity to good causes. (Like I said, I hate people, so I probably wouldn’t have such good karma if you hadn’t led me into good deeds by example.) Thanks for letting me help you DIY your entire life–including your wedding. That experience was one of the best experiences of my entire life. It was so rewarding to know that you relied on me for something so extravagant and important.

24 down, one more to go.

Erin, thanks for putting up with my shit throughout the years. Good shit, bad shit, ugly shit. (Dad, have I said “shit” too much now?) We’re unique. Our relationship is bizarre. But I know–in some strange, perhaps exotic, way–we have each others’ backs. Even if you frustrate me to the point that I have a big stress ball in my chest. And I love our relationship. And I love you.

This feels like a 25th Anniversary blog post. Hey, it’s our 25th Anniversary Erin! Should I get you something silver? 😉


I had some friends write memories and notes for Erin for our birthday. Here are some of the ones I’ve gotten so far:

I have so many wonderful memories with you as we’ve known each other for so many years now. Those range from our embarrassing early film endeavors to dancing to our historic song “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” at your bachelorette party.

Happiness and encouragement abound from your recent growth and accomplishments as you share them with others, whether the actual experience or by reflecting on it via social media and blogging. I feel blessed to have physically witnessed your happy wedding ceremony and first year of marriage, the film festival you executed, and the other ventures to which you endeavored to explore your skills and find success. I’m lucky to have you walk alongside me in my life as well. Laughing and sharing struggles with you has lifted my spirits.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and yet another wonderful year. Welcome to the official start of the quarter life crisis!
Love Always, Kayla

ONE of my favorite memories of my dearest Erin??!!  Wow…that’s hard to do!  I will do my best, but it will all roll together…ahhh…that one afternoon at Belvoir where we just talked for what seemed an “hour or so”, and it was like 6!  Haha!  Our many lunches together with just you and I where we have learned SO much about each other and become not just friends, but family (insert warm fuzzy feelings!)!  And…I can’t forget the many, many hugs during our busy (and not so busy) work days.  I couldn’t live without my beautiful, sparkly Erin!!  Don’t ever change!  You are one of my favorite peeps in the world!  LOVE YOU MUCHO!!! ❤ #practicallyperfectineveryway
It’s rare to meet a friend in your twenties and feel like you’ve already known that person forever. That’s how I feel about my friendship with Erin Zimmerman. Well, I guess it’s lying to say that we met in our twenties. Technically we met in early elementary school, but I was a tag-along little sister so it doesn’t count! 

It’s hard for me to choose a favorite memory with Erin. She is the type of person that always shows up. She’s reliable, she’s confident, she’s present. I can’t think of many people that have Erin’s wit, talent, and overall loveliness yet are still level-headed. 
In the short time that we’ve been friends Erin has already been by my side through difficult, scary, exciting and crazy times. She agreed to be my wedding photographer even though my wedding was just one week before her own (and she didn’t even get mad at me for choosing that date!) Besides my husband and my mother, Erin was the first person I told when I found out I was pregnant. She never once made me wash her dirty dishes in our office even though I was the intern and that was part of my job. When I think of Erin at work I think of tea, sparkly shoes, a container of peanut butter she always brought from home, and lots of laughter. 
She is loyal, she is sweet and she’s an amazing confidant. I only wish that we would’ve been friends in high school and college because it sounds like she had a lot more fun than I did.
I’m excited to help her celebrate the big 2-5 (and Meredith’s big 2-5 as well, because let’s face it, they are a hilariously awesome combination and I’m lucky to call both of them friends.) 
Have the happiest of birthdays! And remember my advice: wait until you’re at least 30 to start having kids. Travel travel travel! Cheers! 

Dearest Erin,
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Well I just hope you are having the best day today. You deserve it. One of my favorite things about you is how much you care for those in your life. Obviously I have felt that first hand with your kind words, fun random check-ins from time to time, but it is also evident in how often you travel to see your friends. You make the time to visit those people you care about and maintain those relationships.  It is an incredible quality and that is why so many people love you. Thank you so much for all the love and just making everyone’s life around you wonderful.
Best wishes on your birthday,
Dr. Joseph F. Haggerty III (almost)

When she first started with B&B she tried to be shy -believe it or not. However, she was the first hire/promotion in our office that came from outside of B&B so I made it a point that she had to stop by my desk and tell me something different about herself every time she walked by for the first couple weeks. Thru that, I found out that she’s attended way too many Hanson concerts and quite a few interesting facts about different jobs both of your parents have had, where she went to school, etc. It was pretty entertaining and really helped Cathy (sat in the same area) and myself get to know her pretty well in a short period of time!

Erin always tries her best to put a big bright smile on my face… like when she came to Lawrence for the Xmas sweater run and her sweater was so bright my face melted a little from the heat…Regardless, Erin is always looking out for those she loves and will do anything she can to make sure they are happy.


One thought on “A Quarter Century Down…

  1. You are too sweet, darnit! Happy Birthday/Anniversary, Sisto!

    And yes, something silver would nice. White gold works, too.

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