Happy Birthday To My Other Half’s Other Half

Until Tim, everyone called Erin and each other two halves of a whole. Some people still do. Whatever. I’m just trying to legitimize the title of this blog post.

Today, Tim is really old. He’s like, REALLY old. He’s 27. That’s so gross. Erin is married to an older man, and he’s old.

OK I’m doing ranting on his age.

Tim, thanks for being such a wonderful guy to my sister. Thanks for helping her to have the wedding of her dreams, and a first year of happiness in marriage. Thanks also for starting to actually like the super girly shit she’s into. I know you watch movies you didn’t want to (but end up loving), go to antique shops and shopping in general (and now you love it), and buy all of the glittery things.

Sop that’s pretty cool.

Continue being awesome. Like the Kings. As long as it’s ALL of the Kings. Enjoy wearing purple, going to the gym, and drinking all of the beer. Except the girly ones. Leave those for me.

Happy Birthday! See you later!


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