TBT: 3 Drafted Blog Posts From My Summer in NYC

So I was going through some old documents yesterday during my designated lunch break (sick day//work from home) and I found “Blogs to Post”. These are all blog entries I had started and hadn’t had time to post to this little blog. I was living in New York City, and I had a lot to say at the time. But I also wasn’t allowed to post ANYTHING that referred to the internship I was at. So I just didn’t post very much, if at all really. It really stunted my writing, to say the least. So, without further ado, here is Monday-Wednesday, July 2nd-July 4th, 2012. Yes, seriously. 2012.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.23.00 AM

On Monday, I had the audacity of showing up to work in a bright floral tank top dress with leggings. It was “cute”. And then I ended up riding the elevator with Scott and Rob from upstairs. And I KNOW Rob had something to say about the outfit when they got off at the 7th floor. I know I looked like a little kid in the outfit, but my makeup made me look older. So whatever. I guess.

Monday was slow. Brendan was in San Francisco, and Dan took the week off. It was fun because Gaby spoke more to me and Mikey in general than usual. We jammed to old music and got along really well. Erin and I made the DoubleTake website official announcement (http://dbl-take.com). I will be plugging that for forever and a day. Or, from now on.

After work Mikey, Katie and I rode the 6 together and Katie came to my apartment to eat leftover baked penne and cookie dough. She is a lot like me—very out of her element and completely against imposing on people. So me making plans is just going to have to happen. Which is good. It gets me out of my comfort zone. I walked her to the subway later, and then called my mom on the way back and spoke to her for a bit. Grandpa is looking ok, so that was a good conversation.

Jess and Alvi reconciled.


Tuesday I was exhausted and I can’t even remotely tell you why. There was a 90+ year old man on the subway who no one gave their seat up for. I felt really bad for him until he started telling dirty jokes. After the first one, I laughed a bit and turned away. Yes, I did pretend to be busy on my phone. I am THAT girl.

When I got to work, the Salvation Army guy was waiting downstairs. I took him up to our floor and gave him the three boxes of shirts that we were donating. I ran upstairs to ask one of the interns about the freight elevator and if they knew who I could get to work it. They led me to one of our coworkers because they didn’t know. I then had to run downstairs and next door to get someone to meet us upstairs in that elevator. I know Salvation Army guy was a bit peeved, but it was good timing and it didn’t take long. So most of the corner is cleaned up.

We were done for the week by 3:30pm. I really like that about my job. People are understanding and they take time for their families. I forced myself to go get groceries. I decided to go to the Associated by Stuytown, which ended up being a really bad idea but I didn’t know it at the time.

Do you know who shops at 4pm on a Tuesday? Old people. Lots and lots of old people. Do you know what kind of grocery stores exist in Manhattan? Small ones. With narrow aisles. And slow people. It was a miserable shopping experience. I stocked up, got a lot of heavy things, and was out. The heavy things weren’t an issue for me. They were an issue for the plastic bags that Associated supplied me with. So I spent the three stops on the L and the six stops on the F trying to make sure that they didn’t rip. That actually took a lot of effort. Nowhere to sit, people staring at me and waiting for something to break, no one offering to help… welcome to NYC. So when I got to my stop on the F, I condensed the bags to three and somehow survived the walk back.

On my way into the building, the lady in front of me had more bags than I did and was having the worst time trying to get in. Even though I was drenched in sweat and obviously in just as much pain (she was dropped off way closer to the apartments), I grabbed some of her bags and helped her to the elevator. All the while, she regaled me with the fascinating story of how she was having a party in a few days and she overbought soda bottles because they were on sale and she wasn’t sure where she was going to hide them so that they would actually last until the party and how she usually goes into the building on the 65th St. side but the bus dropped her off closer to the 64th St. side and how it was so important that she get everything upstairs and she overestimated her strength.

Shut up, lady.

I got into the apartment to find that my frozen raspberries had punctured the bag and were leaking. They are now a frozen blob in the freezer. I put everything away and hung out with Jess for a while. She decided she needed to go to Anthropologie, so we walked up there with Jackson and meandered around the store for a bit. While I was there, I got a text from my good friend Geoff asking where the best places to go in San Diego were, so I gave him some fun answers and he ended up at Café Coyote (if you have been there, you understand what an amazing decision—and suggestion—this was). That made me happy. I also got some froyo on this trip and we went into Walgreens for Redbox and came out with 3 movies, cheese, eggs, and a variety of other items. We made a last stop at Food Emporium, where Jess bought those sugar cookies with the amazing frosting and I bought bananas. Her cookies were consumed by the next morning (and it wasn’t even half my fault!).

We watched “Martha, Marcy Mae”. Then we watched “We Bought a Zoo” and I posted a photo on Facebook of Matt Damon wearing a USD hoodie. I did my research. The special hoodie in “We Bought a Zoo” is a University of San Diego hoodie. Suck it, South Dakota!

Jess and Alvi broke up.


Wednesday. July 4th. Jess, Ari and I were going to go to Georgetown Cupcakes at 10am and get free cupcakes. No one woke up in time (except for me and I was TIRED). After finally getting our shit together, Jess and I headed down to Coney Island. I was misinformed that the hot dog eating context started at 3, so getting there at 1 I thought we had plenty of time to meander and watch. Unfortunately, someone on the world wide web mismarked the time… Jess and I had probably missed the contest by 10 minutes.

We walked through the rides and saw a bunch of little shops, etc. We saw Nathan’s and walked past the stage and bleachers for the contest. We walked the boardwalk (ummm crazy guy sitting in a free-standing bathtub?) and then out to the edge of the pier, where we looked out upon hundreds and hundreds of rainbow umbrellas and hundreds—maybe thousands—of little, tiny, ant-like people swimming. I spoke to my parents on the phone, who were on their way to see “Ted”. We walked back and decided to ride a roller coaster. The entire time we were in line, we were trying to decide if it was safe to leave our valuables in the cubbies. We really had no other option other than to pawn our ride vouchers off on someone and abandon the roller coaster altogether. Instead, we trusted the cubbies and got on the ride.

And waited.

We were standing (it was one of those rides that leans you on your stomach) for a very long time. Five minutes, at least. They were testing the ride, and we were next. Finally, after our flip flops had given us near-rope burn and the straps had worn into our shoulders, we were flying around above everyone. It was jerky, but it was fun.

When we got off, we looked ahead. No other carts had been allowed to go. No one had boarded the roller coaster behind us. Maintenance guys were waiting to fix it. They had used us as test dummies on a God-knows-how-old ride. That made me want to throw up a bit, but I did not.

After our near-death experience (yeah, I am allowed to be dramatic about it), we walked over to Nathan’s and stood in line so I could get the full Coney Island experience. I got a Nathan’s hot dog and an orangeade to quench my thirst, and Jess got a diet coke and fried clams (really, ridiculously good). We sat on the boardwalk by some dirty hipsters and enjoyed our meals, watching crazy people walk past us. Then someone got carried away on a stretcher held by maybe seven men in swim trunks. It was odd. I hope he’s okay.

After we ate, we walked around the vendors for a bit and Jess tried to get me to have a psychic reading. Thankfully, there were too many people. So we walked some more and then walked left on the boardwalk, away from the people, for quite some time in that scorching sun. We found another subway stop further north, and got on to go back.

On the second stop, a woman and her son got on. This fiery little ginger one just started talking to me. “Do you know how to get to La Guardia from here?” “Take the subway and then the bus.” “How far?” “I don’t know.” “How long?” “Probably a little over an hour.” “We got to La Guardia a lot.” Then why don’t you know how long? “We are going to Miami. We go there a lot. My dad is there. We are going to watch the fireworks from the plane. I hope we don’t blow up.” “I think you’re up too high to blow up.” “Why?” “Because planes go higher than fireworks.” “Will we be higher than the clouds?” “Yeah, you could be.” “We will be. We always are. It’s fun.” Then why did you ask me if you’d be higher than the clouds? “I like your dress.” “Thanks.” It’s a shirt and jean shorts, you idiot. “I have a bike in Miami. I like to ride it a lot.” “What color is your bike?” “Blue.” “Is blue your favorite color?” “Yeah. Not always though.” “What did it used to be?” Glances at my shirt “Red. I like red.” “Oh, good.” “What month is it?” “July.” “What day is it?” “The 4th.” “Yeah. It’s Independence Day!” Then why did you ask me? “My birthday is August 6th.” “Oh it’s coming up! Are you excited?” “Yeah. I’m going to be six.” “That’s awesome!”

…That conversation just went on and on and on. His mom kept looking at me apologetically, but I kind of related to him. I have a big mouth, too. You can ask my parents.

After awhile, his mom made him move down the car to sit down, and around that time two spots opened up on a bench for Jess and I. We spent the rest of the ride in silence, reading our books. We got off at 59th and went into Bloomingdale’s for Jess to make a “quick stop”. She got mascara. She got foundation. We were on our way out when she decided she needed to shop. I got annoyed, but I assume it was from the heat and the sunburn I was acquiring on my shoulders. I acquiesced to her request and followed her around with her purse while she bought items that each cost as much as I spend on groceries in two months.

We stopped by Urban Outfitters on our escape from Bloomingdale’s, and I bought a new shirt. I was rather pleased with that sale purchase. We got home, showered, and then she cooked hot dogs (not really—no meat in them), we made salads, I baked biscuits, she made Arnold Palmers, and we devoured our meals. This was all washed down with strawberry shortcakes (red, white and blue style) and vodka margaritas (No tequila? No problem!). Then we treated ourselves to our third movie, “Young Adult”. It was a rather relaxing end to our incredibly hectic day.

**** Jess and Michael were my roommates. Alvi was one of Jess’ boyfriends at the time. Yes, plural. No, don’t ask questions. Mikey and Katie worked at Crush with me. Katie is the best.


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