Manifest Monday 21: Listen to These Songs

Today (well, yesterday) I’m supposed to list my favorite songs. But why, oh WHY is this one of the listing projects? I’ll NEVER get this right! I love and respect too many artists and too many genres in too many timeframes to actually answer this to the best of my abilities. I wish I gave myself more time on this, but as it seems I have already procrastinated enough, here’s an incomplete list of my favs (AKA songs you should listen to right now) **Curated based on specific memories associated with them.

&&This is my first work of writing on my computer after installing the interwebs at my apartment. (HOW did I survive a month without internet at my place? GO FIGURE!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.23.28 AM

Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Two Princes” – Spin Doctors
“Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” – Spin Doctors
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “If Only” – Hanson
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “The Thunder Rolls” – Garth Brooks
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “To Be With You” – Mr. Big
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Your Smiling Face” – James Taylor
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Brown Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “How Sweet It Is” – James Taylor
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Wonderwall” – Oasis
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Broken Angel” – Hanson
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Crazy Beautiful” – Hanson
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Penny & Me” – Hanson
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Black Balloon” – Goo Goo Dolls
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “All My Life” – KC & JoJo
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)” – Nine Days
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “I Think I Love You” – The Partridge Family
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Layla” – Eric Clapton
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Change The World” – Eric Clapton
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “My Girl”- The Temptations
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” – The Proclaimers
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Dakota” – A Rocket To The Moon
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Parker” – Automatic Loveletter
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Tell Me I’m A Wreck” – Every Avenue

Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Do It Like a Dude” – Jessie J
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Mistakes We Knew We Were Making” – Mae
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Everything I Ask For” – The Maine
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Bittersweet Life” – My Favorite Highway
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “She (For Liz)” – Parachute
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “She’s Killing Me” – A Rocket to The Moon

Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Dark Blue” – Jack’s Mannequin
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Say My Name” – Destiny’s Child (Karaoke Go-To)

Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Poster Girl” – Backstreet Boys
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Thinking of You” – NSYNC
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Taro” – alt-J
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Tenerife Sea” – Ed Sheeran
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Smile” – Hanson
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Electric Feel” – MGMT (Katy Perry Cover)
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “By The Grace of God” – Katy Perry
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Hummingbird Heartbeat” – Katy Perry
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Kiss Me When You Come Home” – Hanson
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Voice in the Chorus” – Hanson
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Strong Enough to Break” – Hanson
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “For a Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic” – Paramore
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Who You Are” – Jessie J
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Goodnight and Go” – Imogen Heap
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Beautiful Soul” – Jesse McCartney
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” – Deep Blue Something
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Juliet” – Hanson
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “She’s Got That Something” – Greg Holden
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “The Wire” – HAIM

Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Just Give Me A Reason” – Pink
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Who Knew” – Pink
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Please Don’t Leave Me” – Pink

Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Desire” – Meg Myers
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Sorry” – Meg Myers
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Living Louder” – The Cab
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “Save Tonight” – Eagle Eye Cherry
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy “The Freshman” – Verve Pipe


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