IT WORKS! **Seriously. It’s amazing.

So you may have heard… (Or maybe not. Probably not.)

I am now an IT WORKS! Distributor! **cue applause and confetti**

What does this mean? It means I am on my way (slowly but surely, just like the tortoise) to a healthier lifestyle and a wealth of knowledge in self-care. Last fall was a step in the right direction with the Skinny Dip Society, and I am working my way back up to that feeling of awesomeness. So now what?

I just want to let you know that I am not a very forceful salesperson. Yes, every sale I make does benefit me. But it also benefits YOU! I have seen the miracles the IT WORKS! products perform, and I don’t think this is a passing fad. If you don’t know what I’m talking about or would like more info, check out my personal IT WORKS! site. (I won’t have after April, but is a great resource as my customer or anyone who is interested in the products they offer.)

Just a couple months ago, I was listed as a Loyal Customer under my twin sister, and had wraps, HAIR SKIN NAILS, and Fat Fighters delivered to my door. (Well, delivered to my boyfriend’s door. But that is neither here nor there.) I was getting my product at a discount price, benefitting my sister, and on my way to free shipping for life! But you know what? I realized I wanted to be more involved. So now I’m a Distributor. In the last week, I have acquired one new Loyal Customer, intrigued two coworkers and a woman who lives overseas and is getting ready to sign up as a Loyal Customer, and have one pending after her next paycheck (I see you, Kate!). And they’re all just as excited about their product as I am!

And guess what? I’m looking for more Loyal Customers! And Distributors! You know, if you want some extra money in your pocket every month. I’m in it for the health benefits and to pay my utilities. The woman who manages our team? She just got a $50K bonus THIS MONTH. One month. $50,000. I don’t even make that in a year. (And someone under her? $20K bonus. Just in March. What. The. Heck?)

The Loyal Customer price is listed on the site in green, with the regular price in black. To be a Loyal Customer, all you need to do is place 3 orders in 3 consecutive months through me and you get everything whenever you want it (as often or as little as you’d like) at that base price and with free shipping FOREVER! There’s legitimately no downside to this. So as a Loyal Customer, I ordered one product in month 1 (wraps), one product in month 2 (HAIR SKIN NAILS), and one product in month 3 (Advanced Formula Fat Fighters), and now I’m on the team!

I call them my cheerleaders. Because our team is the best team and they’re super motivating individuals. It’s a great group of people (men + women!) to associate with and, despite my initialĀ nerves, I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team.

Want to learn more? Email me at, comment on this post, or reach out to me via myitworks. I won’t market to you. I’ll just help you with what you specifically ask for. It’s no-risk, and it’s super rewarding. (Plus you know you wanna be my bestie!)

Now I’m gonna go wrap to prep for my 25th Birthday. Yeah. It’s like that.


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