Manifest Monday 18: List The Ways You Are Energized

List the ways I am energized? But… but… I could nap anywhere! At any time! Because I’m crazy efficient and crazy lazy! What the heck????

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.23.28 AM

Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Copious amounts of caffeine.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy A wonderful scent… coffee, freshly cut grass, a fruity candle, etc.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy The scent of my boyfriend’s hair wax. He hardly wears it, but it’s AWESOME.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Short naps. Not long ones. Long naps make me groggy.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Travel. I’m awake late, up early. Never a problem with jet lag, either.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy The aftermath of alcohol. For some reason **knock on wood** I don’t get hangovers. So I’m up between 6 and 8am the next day, being productive.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Going to farmers markets with people who legitimately enjoy them.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Planning an event. 
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Spreadsheets/lists. (I know. NERD.)
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy In that regard, Pinterest is rather fun. Doesn’t keep me energized, but the listing from the Pinterest ideas does.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Cooking or baking. I think it’s fun.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Writing. But only really late at night. When I should be sleeping.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Same goes for cleaning. Really late at night. When I’m sleep deprived.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Walking/hiking/discovering. In the past few years, I have found myself enjoying outdoorsy adventures a lot more. I’m not a runner, but I will hike. (Climbing rocks and walking the beach was my happy place when I was in San Diego a couple of weeks ago.)
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy The beach. The sound of the waves crashing relaxes and energizes me.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Live music. (I’ve only fallen asleep at one show. And it was probably the company.)
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Disneyland. And Disney. All things Disney. Disney movies. I love singing to them. And annoying people. (Namely, my boyfriend. He laughs at me though.)


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