SoCal Scene

This past weekend was full of all of the warm fuzzies. Wednesday afternoon, Erin, Tim, Parker and I hopped on a plane to The City of Angels. No, we were not going to meet our doom. (Although the traffic and the rental car service sure made it seem that way.) We were headed out west to end up in San Diego for one of our best friend’s weddings. So, you know, same thing.

Yes, I’m about to give you a little run-down on the weekend. Because it made me so happy.

*   Freak out about getting to airport on time. Briefly yell at everyone involved. Get over it. (Yes, I apologized.)
*   Connect, no change of plane. Change seats. (There weren’t anymore spots for 2, so I sat by Erin and Tim and Parker sat across the aisle on the first flight. Not too bad.) Run to the restroom. First time I’ve used a plane restroom in I can’t tell you how many years. The guy in front of me left the toilet seat up. DUDES.
*   Land in LA. Wait for shuttle bus to car rental place. Wait is forever because they “ran out of cars”. They were liars. We go a car and drove to the hotel–after a wrong turn or two (TIM).
*   Check in at Hotel Hermosa. Find out Parker and I have an ADA room on the first level (room 101) right between the office and the loudest talking couple I have ever encountered. Get annoyed. Use Erin’s computer to book Amtrak for next day. Website doesn’t work. Call Amtrak. Book Pacific Surfliner.
*   Get in car to go to a burger joint in Hollywood Tim was dying to go to. Get there. They had stopped serving out of their kitchen like, 20 minutes prior. Panic. Google In N Out. Go to closest one, which is by UCLA campus and all the major theaters. Decide to go in because line is dumb. Parker is unimpressed. I am depressed because Parker is unimpressed. But the food diminished my “hangry”. Erin and Tim drive us around Beverly Hills and Hollywood, so Parker can see the sights. No one wants to get out of the car. Get back to hotel very late. Pass out.

*   Up early. Breakfast overlooking the ocean on the patio at the hotel. Made myself some coffee with hazelnut creamer and honey in it. Pleasantly surprised. Parker and I check out and we all drive to Long Beach for Tim’s job interview.
*   When we go to drop Tim off, he has keyless car key in his pocket. The car realizes this after he’s out of earshot. We panic. Erin drives around to park on the closer side of the street so the car doesn’t stall mid-drive. We call. We text. No response. He comes back. He had already been to the 13th floor and checked in. We get the key back. Car never registers that it’s back in the car, but we continue driving.
*   Erin, Parker and I drive aimlessly and end up on Terminal Island. Hate it. Change direction. When we find out the World’s Largest Flag isn’t a thing to go see anymore, we opt to go to the waterfront. We walk around. Take many photos.
10982818_10204155020377962_5542316812956530948_n 11047920_10204145481539497_4716437586946620469_n
*   Get Tim. Drive back north. Go to Tim’s recruiter’s office. Drop Tim off and park to walk. Go into Starbucks so I can pee. Erin orders Tim a snack. Continue to walk. Find a farmer’s market close to where we had In N Out the night before. Pick out flowers for Mackenzi and Granny and farmer’s market. Also buy berries there because, why not?
*   Meet Tim and Erin back at car. Get in car and drive to meet Granny and Jim at Paco’s Tacos. Go in. Enjoy a big meal–Parker and I split a lunch special and got full size plates–and fun conversation with our geriatric friends. Granny fawns over Parker. Jim makes inappropriate jokes. I get embarrassed. Granny steals some of my peach margarita. She actually steals much more than usual. Give Granny birthday card and flowers. Say bye.
*   Drive back to hotel. Put Mackenzi flowers in water because they’ve wilted a bit in the SoCal sun. Stand on Erin and Tim’s balcony because they got a balcony room. Erin and Tim get their stuff together and then we leave.
*   Ride in LA rush hour traffic to Union Station. Get there entirely too close to our train departure time. Say “bye,” hop out, and run to our train. Get in train at 5:07. Train is set to depart at 5:10. Can’t find seats together. Minor tiff. Find people willing to move so we can sit together. Calm down. Train’s brakes don’t work, so sit while they fix them. Leave. Happen to be on the Pacific side of the train, which is awesome. Would be more awesome if it were still light out when we got to the ocean. It isn’t.
*   Train gets in early to industrial, kind of sketchy part of town. It’s chilly. We want to walk somewhere so Mack can get us easier. There’s nowhere to walk. Parker and I sit on bench like sad, lonely people while we wait for Mack to come get us. We see a lizard. Parker freaks out because he thinks a car will hit it. We don’t witness a car hitting it. Mack shows up. We give her flowers and do awkward introductions.
*   Get to Mack’s. Put stuff down. She tries to last minute clean. We all go to get dinner. First place is closed for a private event. End up at the mall at Eureka! where we sit on the patio and drink good beer and eat phenomenal burgers. Get back to Mack’s. Pass out.

*   Mack leaves early. Parker and I sleep in slightly. I take a shower. We take our time figuring our lives out. I blow dry my hair and style it. We decide to go to Coco’s Bakery for brunch. So, we walk to Coco’s.
*   I have a lunch trio. It’s quiche and it’s awesome. He has a lunch trio on a “petite croissant”. The croissant is NOT petite. We walk to the store to get tea and Naked juice. Then, we set out for the beach on foot.
*   It takes a while. Not only because it’s 4 miles, but because it’s across a highway, it’s hilly, it’s warm outside, and I accidentally took us the wrong way for a couple minutes. But we make it. It happens to be the same beach Erin and I learned to surf at, and where we end up a lot of the time with our friends in La Jolla. Parker gets to be at the beach for the first time ever. I can tell he enjoys it. He keeps putting the salt water in his hair. He digs holes in the sand with his feet, and we make sure he stands shorter than me. We climb rocks. It’s an adventure and I dig it.
10981299_10204145493899806_2258231564896758576_o *   We clean our feet off after a couple of hours and watch the sun set while we wait for Erin and Tim to come get us. They get us. We go back to Mack’s so Erin can pee. Then we go to Ralph’s to get alcohol for our stay. We get cookies too, because they’re on sale. And why not?
*   Mack gets home. We make reservations and then go to get sushi with Mack, Erin, and Tim. Her friend Anthony shows up. We hang out. We go back to Mack’s. I hit my head on the wall. I cry. We go to sleep.

*   We wake up. Mack is still there. We talk. I shower. Then I put my hair up in a high bun. We go to Rose Donuts. We take the food to USD’s campus and eat in front of Serra Hall. Parker’s breakfast croissant is huge. We share some. I give him some of my donuts. My iced caramel latte is awesome.
*   We take some photos and walk around. Tim visits his bathroom. We laugh at all of the new construction. I freak out about the time. We go to the library.
*   We go to Target. We are frantic. We get gift wrap and stuff.
*   We get to Mack’s. We have a half hour to get ready. I do my hair and makeup while Parker is in the shower. He drinks a beer. We somehow pull it together and get it all done.
*   We show up to the wedding early to help pass out parking passes, per Carly’s request. The wedding happens to be at the same beach we were at the day prior. Erin passes out the passes, and Parker and I save seats for them. It is overlooking the ocean and it is gorgeous.
*   The wedding happens. The cocktail hour happens. White wine is my best friend. The reception happens. Carly is beautiful. Tucker is awesome. We sit at a table (#7–my favorite) with the other USD alumni. Conversation flows. Parker and I watch the sun set and walk to the edge of the property to watch the waves in the dark. It’s really relaxing. We go back to the party and Erin and I dance. Tim dances. Parker sits. But I somehow manage to get him to dance to “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places” with me. He’s sociable. Everyone is happy. It’s a wonderful night.
10818361_10204145518900431_4420402650668177588_o 11029552_10204145515060335_3565148405756919380_o 11035625_10204145524300566_3542395171197244522_o
*   We go to Ralph’s so Erin and Tim can get ice cream.
*   We go back to Mack’s. She shows up to say “hi” and ask if we need anything from In N Out. She leaves with her friend. We pass out.

*   We wake up. Mack and I go to Supercuts to get her hair buzzed. I also get her yogurt at Starbucks. We get back to the apartment and she has me Bic her head. She showers. Parker and I pack and Erin and Tim go to get Jamba Juice.
*   Parker and I have some of my burger from Thursday night. We drink Jamba and some beer. We get in the car and drive to Mission Beach.
*   We walk around Mission Beach. We look for the store that sells the skirts everyone always asks about. We promised to get some for friends. It’s under construction. Fail. We walk. We get Sara’s burritos for Erin, Tim, and Mack. We walk to the oceanfront and hang while they eat. We walk in the water. Parker decides to get in. He’s adorable. We all have fun.
*   We drive to campus again. We walk around. Parker finds some awful poetry in the hall. We sit at the fountain. We read it. It really is horrible. We walk. We show Parker the IPJ and then we walk again. We all sit in some grass. It’s relaxing and wonderful.
*   Erin, Tim, Parker and I change for our flight. We all drive to Old Town. We have some margaritas and queso. We say goodbye to Mack. We take our car to the rental place. We get to the airport on the shuttle.
*   We are at the airport very early. There are only 30 people on our flight. We get to spread out. Parker still wants to sit next to me. So he sits in the window and I lay across the other two seats. He plays with my hair and I’m out like a light for almost the entire flight.

As you can see, this is a general run-down. It’s not super specific, but it’s enough to get a glimpse. I loved this trip. It was fun, and I also got some relaxation time. Which almost never happens in my west coast trips, since we are always there for a purpose. To see people, take care of someone, or for a special event.


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