The Skinny Dip Society: Part I (FREE!)

Listen, guys. Last year I began this crazy awesome journey. My sister–the lovely RoaminTwin–invited me to participate in a free 10-day program with her online. I said “yes”. (Mostly because participants could win fun prizes and stuff like that. Cool, right?) Well, by a string of crazy random happenstances, it landed me in Katie’s 3 month program The Skinny Dip Society. I was skeptical at first, but it actually really changed my life.

I will get into that in another post, so just you be patient!

You all know I am sarcastic. I don’t like wasting my time, being lured into marketing schemes, being told I have to do things, or–honestly–participating in things with women. At all. Don’t get me started. But this was actually fun. The 10 days alone were a spot for me to start really thinking about what I wanted out of my life. And then it expanded for me! (Um, hi, I’m happier!)

And PEOPLE! She is at it again! I just joined the free Skinny Dip Society 14-day Challenge with Katie Den Ouden!  (Don’t worry, Katie says actual skinny dipping not required.) Starting Feb. 9th, it’s 14-days of feeding your soul, THEN see what happens to your BODY (and your confidence, relationships, career, & happiness…).

If you’re already interested, just sign up for free hereI figure we’ve got nothing to lose, everything to gain. (Plus some fun.)


Skeptical like I was? Listen… it’s FREE! No strings attached! Katie gives out awesome bonuses and prizes, and she’s a joy to be in contact with. If you sign up (here), then this is what will happen:

Beginning Monday, February 9th, you’ll receive Day 1 email of the challenge at 6am EST. Then on each following day, Katie will send a short email with the next new challenge, the goodness behind doing it, and the accountability for you to follow through (uhh bonuses and free things?).

You can’t really lose. If you sign up and you hate it, then unsubscribe. But I guarantee you’ll get a little fun out of it. And you’ll be participating with myself and hundreds of other amazing women that you’ve never even met! It’s crazy how one thing can bring so many people together. (Plus… since I started the program, I have been winning things constantly. Seriously. My boyfriend and my family just see it as a regularly occurring thing. I think it’s because changed my perspective on life, and it’s been a really good thing for me.)

If you have questions, ask. I have too many answers to write here just yet. I just wanted to get this out to the webosphere so people would have time to sign up before the challenge begins ON MONDAY!


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