Is This A Hat Trick?

I feel awful saying this, but it’s true. I’ve been using a zillion planners recently (Thanks, Erin!) and getting my shit together, so a lot of the prompts for the 15 Days to Freedom Challenge have already been answered on other mediums or in writing. Day 8, for example. This prompt is to identify 3 goals for my year. I listed out several in one of my previous posts, so this will just be some repeat info (for those of you who read this). But I’m going to identify them!

#1 : Move out of my parents’ house. I’ve given myself until April 1, but I have had so many viewings lately that I will probably be out in February at the latest. Which is awesome but scary. My parents have been phenomenal throughout my job search/figuring out my life process. And I have no doubt in my mind that if things don’t work out, I can move right back in. (Right, mom?)

It’s too bad I can’t make a decision to save my life. Thank goodness for the people in my life who have gone with me on the viewings to talk out the positives and negatives!

#2 : Get my own (used) car. Because apparently driving your parents’ car until you’re 24 isn’t necessarily acceptable. Whoops…

It’s really too bad I’m so specific. I really love Ford Fiestas. Gunmetal gray is my friend. And I want something 2008 or newer. Preferably newer than that. I found a gunmetal gray 2012 Ford Fiesta at a dealer within an hour from us, and I’m looking to negotiate the price down. To get that at like, $7.5K or less would be fairly optimal…

#3 : Eat all the food. OK. Not that. Launch my blog. That’s a huge one. Just because I want to build it out on my own and use my WordPress skills to establish myself as more of a writer.

But also… I really think my #3 should actually be FINISHING MY FIRST BOOK. Because it’s taking me way too Goddam long to get my act together, and I can totally handle it. So it’s just time to do it. Because this book WILL be a book. And it WILL be made into a film by DoubleTake Productions. And it WILL be made into an off-Broadway musical, because it’s way too quirky for Broadway.

Trust me on this. This is my Hat Trick.



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