Business Models + Business With Models

Day 6 of the 15 Days to Freedom challenge asks us what our ideal career model is. I’m going to be honest with you. I have no flippin’ clue. Ideally, in my world, I am the co-owner/co-producer of a multi media company.

Well, I’m already halfway there.

I’m a co-owner/co-producer of a photography/videography/beautification company with my twin sister. We don’t do consults on special events for money yet, but we are very helpful resources for events, parties, DIY projects, etc. We’re a mess. But we’re a happy mess. And I love it.

But I know that eventually, this will all have to cultivate into some sort of revenue stream greater than what it is. As of now, my sister and I charge dirt cheap prices for these amazing photos. Why? Because we love doing the work. We enjoy spending time with the individuals who hire us out, we love taking photos and video, and we love editing. Plus, we know how it is when you’re on a budget and it’s difficult to get out of the mindset of the buyer.

Which, in my opinion, isn’t so bad.

So now I’m looking forward to the future and trying to incorporate both types of revenue streams. This is how:

  1. Active Revenue Stream – This type of business model involves providing a services to your clients where you need to be present or on location to offer these services. This is what Erin and I are currently involved in, and we love it. But there’s a part of us that needs to make another type of income, so that we are consistently earning without living paycheck to paycheck or tearing our hair out.
  2. Residual Revenue/Income – This type of business model involves you putting up initial effort to create and set up the marketing to bring in revenue over and over. In this instance, this would involved my ever-evolving book ideas and movie goals.

Eventually, Erin and i will probably invent something really cool and be launched into super stardom and never have to work another day in our lives. Or someone finally realizes that I was born to be a model and I travel the world with my nose up in the air, making millions. But–until then–we actually really enjoy work. We are the kind of people that always need to be moving and be productive. Sometimes it’s stressful, but I enjoy that lifestyle. So I’d prefer not to choose just one career model. I kind of want to do it all.

After all, isn’t that what a media mogul is?


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