Dissing The Distractions

Our Day 4 challenge for the 15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge is to identify one distraction we are going to cut out of our daily lives. This one is difficult for me. Not only because I work in social media–therefore, I get paid to operate most of the things that distract me on a daily basis–but because I am so easily distracted. Culture, media, arguments, discussions, etc. Everything has a degree of beauty in it, and I feel like I cannot intake it fast enough.

Cut to a couple of things I truly need to get rid of. Distractions in their own rights, they are difficult to live with.

The first oneĀ provides me with too much time wasted on thinking about the negative. This would be worrying about my weight. Listen, I am NOT fat. I am not overweight. I am healthy, beautiful, and smart. Unfortunately, I still fixate–daily–on my size. I enjoy going to the gym, but I let myself feel guilty when I can’t make it or when something else is prioritized. I operate strangely off of guilt. I’m not a fan. So, my thought is I would like to continue to schedule in gym time. I’d like to continue to eat healthily. But I would really, truly like to cut out the distraction that is making myself feel guilty for doing the things that I do.

This is a huge problem in my every day life, but I’d like to focus on the “fat mind” that I have allowed myself to have. I spend most days scrolling through the internet, and I see all types of bodies all of the time. I know that I am a pretty ideal weight. I also know that I don’t weigh myself because I want to avoid my fixation on weight. I will continue to live my life as healthily as I can. This involves sleep when it calls, stretching when my body feels tight, working out with no excuses when I feel in a rut. But I need to also continue to focus on the betterment of my body, mind and soul. I know I’ll look great when summer rolls around if I have a positive attitude about it. I need to quit shaming myself out of happiness. I’m OK with how I look. My boyfriend loves how I look. My family has never had any qualms. If I stop fixating, the tone and the good vibes will come. NO MORE FAT MIND.

One more thing I REALLY need to cut out is time spent on my phone. I have cut down on computer time when I am not at work. That was relatively easy, and I spend so much time with people that I love going on random adventures and writing on paper, etc. But what I need to focus on is the fact that cutting down on computer time doesn’t cut down on screen time. I still binge watch Netflix, watch movies, wake up to my phone alarm, and scroll through Instagram when I’m bored.


I am going to start turning my phone off when it isn’t necessary. I want to buy an alarm clock. THIS WEEK. And I want to wake up and focus on other things for a while. With Skinny Dip Society, I was focusing on a healthy morning start with no phone for at least a half hour, some yoga, hot water with lemon, and a burning candle. That got away from me when I started my new job–perhaps when I needed it most. This will, of course, mean I need to wake up a tad bit earlier and have the drive to really not always be so connected. But I can do that. And that’s a simple step in the right direction.

What distractions do you need to start cutting out of your life? Can I help you in any way? Leave a comment or message me if you’d like an accountability partner. Maybe I’ll have Erin help me, now that we are roomies again (temporarily)!


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