Bad Habits

WHAT A MISLEADING FEATURED IMAGE!!! The gym is NOT my bad habit…

Sorry, guys. Every time I hear the phrase “Bad Habits” I think of Every Avenue’s album. Every Avenue was amazing, and I was very fortunate to have met them in college on my campus when I worked for the campus newspaper. They came in for a singing session, and I did a blurb and took some photos and video for our news/radio as well. Extremely nice individuals with a really great outlook on things. LOVE.

The 5th challenge in the 15 Days to Freedom challenge I am participating in is to list a bad habit and what I am replacing it with. In my previous post, I mentioned that I do a lot of negative self-speak. Like, entirely too much. I’m a woman, after all. This morning I was even at the gym lifting weights with Erin (I had accidentally left my phone at home, which wasn’t altogether a bad thing.) when I saw myself in the mirror and was like, “Ohhhh those THIGHS… NOOOOOO.” I mean, I didn’t vocalize it. But I thought it.

I want to replace this habit. So, so badly. I want to rid myself of negative thoughts. It’s going to drive me into the ground.

So, I have decided to take a page from the Schmidt book. (Yes, this is a New Girl reference.) Every time I have a negative thought about myself–and especially every time I vocalize it–I am going to add $1 to my jar. The jar is going to be my travel fund, though.

You may be thinking, “But then your negative thoughts are fueling your travels.” Maybe this is slightly so, but I’d like to treat myself when I reach my goals as well. And I am going to reach those goals through positive talk, negative talk, and all other talk in between. Thoughts will fuel my desires. So this is how it’s going to be.

Starting with this morning. I’d like to issue a public apology to my boyfriend’s brother. I called myself fat in a text to him to make him feel uncomfortable. I wasn’t being sincere and I did succeed in making him feel weird. (YAY FOR ME!) So, that’s $1 in the bank.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll get ballsy and make it $5 to start.


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