Overwhelmed By Tech Tools?

I am. I am SUPER overwhelmed by website tech tools for company use. I work at an online marketing company. I run a lot of marketing online for my photography business. I blog. I basically eat, sleep, breathe the internet.

So of course I’ve been overwhelmed–especially as of late–with propositions for more social platforms, more designs, more everything. And I have been shooting a lot of them down. No, I don’t think we need to add 3 more social media platforms for each client for me to write posts for every single day. No, I don’t think I need 3 apps for a calendar and 12 scheduling apps that basically do the same thing as HootSuite. Is it really worth it for me to upgrade to premium when this tool is doing what I need to do?

I have decided–all unto myself–that I will be delving more into the Google+ realm for not only my business at work, but for my current blog, new blog (that launches in April!), and my photography business. Why? Because I feel like even the people at my work don’t understand it. And until this job, I didn’t spend enough time in Google Docs and didn’t quite understand all of the intricacies of it.

I have started docs for promos for my side projects. I have opened a spreadsheet to share with all of my accounts for my apartment hunt. There’s a lot out there that I need to hone in on. And I really do need to learn more about the demographic of Google+. When I worked for a music management company, Train had 2849173895783917589218943 followers on G+. But I couldn’t get a single person to follow a medical group. Who actually is ON G+?

Plus, the metrics it can provide all of my projects… the way it pushes your content into Google… it’s all something I need to know. What if I write one blog post and attach it to a G+ link? Will it push it a percentage on a Google search? Could I get 30 viewers instead of 3? I need to understand this.

Whatever area of your life you’re working on, pick one thing to really delve into. Try to understand it. It doesn’t have to be technologically driven, either. Do it and then let me know how it goes. Or tell me about it first so I can hold you to it.

It’s been real. I’m on to scarf down some lunch. And probably update a Google Doc or two.


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