Last week ended my several month run in the Skinny Dip Society program. Now, it wasn’t really an end. It technically qualifies as a beginning and I will stand by that statement. But in that last few weeks, we were asked to craft a rough draft of our manifesto. So I did. And then on our last group phone call, we were prompted to participate by sharing one part of that manifesto. Of course, being the procrastinator that I am, I actually wrote my manifesto out within the hour before the call. It was chicken scratch, but it was quite worthy of attention (if I do say so myself).

I would like to share that one sentence with you that I shared with the group. The one sentence that made our fearless leader, Katie, gasp and then go silent. When I was writing it, I knew it was a gem. It encapsulated the entire 12 week program in one sentence. Vague, but clear at the same time. A sentence I am proud of, actually. Probably my best writing work ever.

And I’ve been writing for years!

Consume only the highest quality of life.

When I voiced this over the phone call, Katie paused for a very long time. Then she said, “I’m just taking a moment to soak this in.” Now, I’ve always known she’s an over-joyous and excitable person. She’s always smiling and “poppin’ bubbly” to everyone. It makes sense, given her position as a quasi-life coach/cheer spreader. But she has sincerely expressed to me that she enjoys my sense of humor, multiple times. And when she was quiet and everything was peaceful and her voice was but a whisper on that phone call, I knew I was on to something.

That entire program was devoted–in a way–to consuming high quality goods. Thoughts, interactions, culture, food, etc. But I have upped it all and have decided to go into major mode this next week. I am focusing on ONE Most Important Action to achieve in the next 15 days, and it’s going to be consumption.

Through my blog, however, I have chosen to improve your consumption. The title is “There’s So Much to Smile About” and I know sometimes I can be a real Debbie Downer. I can’t always mask my sarcasm or my dry humor, but I do tend to try and shed light in a magnificent way. But I’m going to step it up. Because I want everyone around me to feel the love and light that I have been feeling through my interactions and what I have chosen to consume lately. I want the world to shine a little brighter. I want everyone’s thoughts to be as positive as mine have been.

So prepare for some well thought out content. Get ready for some light to be shed on your life. And truly enjoy this weekend as it comes at you. I’m headed to work, and I’m not anticipating the most fun day. But I do realize this is a part-time job on the side, the income of which I have already allocated to a specific area in my life. I work hard for a reason.

As always, thank you to my wonderful sister for introducing me to this challenge. And thank you to Natalie for hosting it. You two rock!


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