Morning Woes + Cold Toes

Well I’m getting started a bit late, but the wonderful Natalie Sisson is hosting a 15 day blog challenge. That’s right! It’s called 15 Days To Freedom and I think I’m going to rock it. No, I KNOW I’m going to rock it.

(Thanks Erin for introducing me to this challenge!)


My daily success plan is as follows (Any judgment passed would appreciatedly–no, it’s not a word–be left to yourselves, thank you very much!):

I get out of bed quite early, although it varies incredibly from day to day. Some days–such as those when I want to style my hair and do my makeup–I will wake up around 6:07am. If I am doing my hair and then going to the gym, expect me to wake up by 5:47am.I don’t go to the gym every morning. I should, and I am working my way back into healthy, feel-good habits, but it’s just not always feasible with my energy level and my schedule. I wouldn’t ever wake up to do my hair and then my makeup before I go to the gym.

That’s ludicrous.

When I wake up, I do so with my phone alarm. I am not a fan of this, but have yet to find an alarm clock I like. Also, I’m not really looking that hard. I wake up on “7”s and “3”s because I have since I can remember and I believe it helps me move a little faster because it doesn’t feel as official as a “5” or a “10”.

Good grief I’m a wreck.

On average, I shower (and wash my hair) once every two days. I’m still trying to master this whole washing my hair schedule. The thing with me is that I have a lot of curl-bounce (and therefore a lot of frizzness) to deal with, so using a shower cap hasn’t historically prevented my hair from degenerating. Plus, I find that my scalp gets oily if I go to day three without a wash. Perhaps I should try that “No Poo” thing that everyone is raving about. But for now, my routine is fine. —-> My point with this is that on second days, I roll out of bed around 6:37am or even later (depending on if I decide to wear makeup and how prepared I got for work the night before).

I verified this week that to get to my current job by 7:30am (the ideal time for me to get there if I want to leave by 4:30pm for the gym), I need to leave by 7:10am. If I leave ANY LATER THAN 7:10am I WILL NOT GET TO WORK UNTIL 8:00am. THIS IS A PROVEN FACT. It’s awful, and I hate it. It doesn’t matter if I leave at 7:17am or 7:43am, I will get to work at 8:00am. So I try to leave by 7:10am as often as possible. This week, I’m not sure I made it to work by 7:30am once. To be fair, half of it was because of the gym.

Well, 2/5. But who’s counting?

The other half was because of my cold extremities. My poor, sad fingers and toes in this awful winter weather… I guess what I’m saying is that my mornings are semi-structured. They follow a pretty nice pattern. Most days at the office, I have coffee to stave off my hunger and wake me up a little bit. Sometimes I drink hot water with lemon (as I am today) and some days I drink tea. I eat pretty healthy foods and am as active as can allow at a desk job. But I haven’t quite gotten a routine that I love so much I adhere to it every day. I feel like my life is in flux until I get a place of my own. That will determine if I belong to a gym or work out in my home every morning. It will decide if I make coffee at home or continue to consume at work with my colleagues. It will unveil if I love my apartment so much I jump out of bed to enjoy it in the wee hours of the morning, or if I just always feel miserable.

You know, that kind of stuff.

I know I will develop a routine because when I had my full-time job–and then my internship–in New York, I had a pretty structured routine. Up an hour to an hour and a half before I left, coffee on first thing. I washed my face in the kitchen sink and did my makeup and hair in the giant mirror in the living room because I didn’t have a bedroom (a curtain hiding the dining room was my space) and my roommate was normally in the bathroom in the morning. I felt like an adult. And I acted like one. Plus, you had to prepare even just to muster the energy to walk to work in the mornings. That place was CRAZY. Also, when I had my other part-time jobs in KC and my mom and I carpooled to work together, we would gym at a specific time and leave for work at the same time every day. So my routine was much more involved (because I had more morning hours to fiddle around).

One thing is for sure: my mornings are not the way that I’ve ever set myself up for success. My afternoons and my evenings have always yielded more productivity, more planning, and more fun. So, to say I am a morning person would be a lie. But I’m not NOT a morning person. Riddle me that!


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