Manifest Monday 9: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

When I was graduating high school, my mother gave me a book. It was Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” What may seem elementary to some actually means a great deal to me. She knew that Erin and I had our sights set on different places to do an array of things. She gave this gift to all of our cousins and several friends at their graduations, too. I’d like to think it served as inspiration for them to the capacity it did to me. But who knows? All I know is that, since then, I went to school in San Diego, studied abroad in England and took a weekend trip to Scotland, went to Washington and Arizona for RHA trips, went to Disneyland 5x while in school, traveled up and down the coast with friends, moved to NYC and experienced that hullabaloo, and have been on vacations to see friends in NOLA, Chicago, and elsewhere since. I have gone and done so much. For week 9, this is my list of what else is to come.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.23.28 AM

This year, I have a lot of travel planned. Then there are places I’d like to go…

* February 2015 – Sacramento, CA // My best friend of 19.5 years just had a baby this month, and I intend to get acquainted with my little niece! + See my aunt for lunch during the weekend. She lives a little far away, but I miss her.

* March 2015 – San Diego, CA // My friends Carly and Tucker are getting married. I am going with my sister, Tim, + Parker (+ maybe Lamble!) to witness this magical time. Parker has not been to the beach before, so that will be a main goal. I am also looking forward to seeing Mackenzi and Connor, two of the most amazing people I know. (I may get Parker to go to Disneyland… cross your fingers for me!)

* June 2015 – Chicago (??) This may or may not happen. I have a lot of beautiful people to see!

* ?? 2015 – Austin (??) My uncle is getting married. His family lives in Austin. I think we are going. Unless it is a destination wedding. They haven’t quite figured it out yet.

The above is what’s being planned. But I also want to go, do, discover MORE. This year, I am battling between the following to travel to:

Hiking trip – Washington/Oregon (never been)/Colorado/Wyoming never been)/Montana (never been)
Visit friends – Texas (Cathy Tran!), Nebraska (WHY, JOEY? WHHYYYY DO YOU LIVE HERE??), Washington (Tyler Stratton! DUH!)


I would love to take my family to Scotland. We talked for awhile about going there so my dad and brother could play on the St. Andrew’s golf course. I’m still totally in for that. I also wouldn’t mind going to Austria and checking out all the Von Trapp stuff, going to Canada for a random long weekend, or really going to the Bahamas or something to a timeshare or all-inclusive resort to just get away from things. (All those things). Plus I have a little who lives in Denmark, some friends in other countries, and there are all of these organic farming programs to participate in. If I could arrange to do work from the farms and just live rent-free for a few weeks, life would be charming.

In the US, I want to travel to every state. Rhode Island seems quaint. And I’ve always wanted to see Boston. I also really want to take my mom to Maine. She has always wanted to go, and often says she would live there.

But my big, long-term goal? Santorini, Greece! This has been my goal for years. And the more that I think about it, the more I want it to happen before I turn 26 (in April 2016). So I am starting a fund this month. I want to go there and travel a bit around, hopefully. Of course, this all depends on what my company does and how the rules are going forward, the amount of money I am able to save up, and the time and resources I have to do it. Ideally, I’d spend at least 3 days on Santorini. But since I’ll already be over there, I may be able to visit friends abroad or check out Rome or just backpack around!

I know I’m not quite the backpacking type, but a girl can dream. Right?

BIG thoughts. BIG dreams. 2015-2016, LET’S DO THIS!

Share your travel dreams with me. Let’s make them a reality!


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