Manifest Monday Week 8 : List Your Favorite Albums

Wow. This week’s list is tough. Not only did I grow up surrounded by music, but my mother’s vinyl collection is expansive. I have barely scratched the surface on my own collection, and I am floored by this question in general. Too many people in this world have formed my taste in music. It’s been a journey, and I don’t think this list will ever do it any justice. But I will list some. Just a few. Because what else is a girl to do?

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.23.28 AM

“Up To Date” – The Partridge Family (We used to listen to my mom’s vinyl copy of this album all the time as children. “I Woke Up In Love This Morning” and “Doesn’t Somebody Want To Be Wanted” were too favorites. But, honestly, if we put the needle to it right now, I would remember every word to every song. And that’s kind of amazing.
“Big Willie Style” – Will Smith (This was the first CD I ever purchased with my own money. I played it all the time, and it has some quirky memories that go along with it!)
“MMMBop” – Hanson (Because Hanson)
“The Millennium Collection” – The Temptations (I grew up listening to these songs. Our family just adores The Temptations. I remember when my mom got my dad this set for Christmas one year, and we put it in immediately and started dancing in our PJs!)
“Snowed In” – Hanson (Speaking of Christmas, this was the last gift my grandparents ever bought my sister while my grandpa was still alive. It’s one of the best Christmas albums like, ever. Basically my childhood. We play it every Christmas while we unwrap our gifts. Yes. Even this Christmas. And I’m 24.)
“Underneath” – Hanson (This came out when I was in 8th grade. It was the beginning of my real Hanson obsession. They were hipster before hipster was a thing. They blended these incredible vocals with this great acoustic flare. Every song had such strong lyrics and made me FEEL something. Plus, the video for “Penny + Me” was ridiculously well shot. It made me want to go into photography/film. It also inspired my want for the drum set that sits in my room. These kids had become adults and they were STILL DOING IT ALL.)
“Lioness: Hidden Treasures” – Amy Winehouse (My sister got me this as a gift after I received my record player from her and my brother for my birthday one year. I was never a huge fan of Amy while she was alive. She had this certain way with words, though. This album just sounds better on vinyl. And I play it and you can really feel her words. It’s incredible. Words don’t do it any justice.)
“One Of The Boys” – Katy Perry (Girl can SING. I don’t care if it’s a dorky album. She really busted out those vocals in some of the songs and showed us what she was capable of! And it is still really fun to listen to and aspire to, with her vintage pinup fashion.)
“The Hits” – Garth Brooks (This album was the soundtrack to our move from Northern California back to Kansas City, MO. Sorry, mom.)
The O.C. Mixtapes (Alexandra Patsavas is the most incredible music director ever. The way she took songs and made them MEAN SOMETHING in a storyline was riveting. It inspired me to want to go into music, and pushes me every day to continue in a creative path.)

Perhaps I will make an addendum some day. This should get you started, though.


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