Manifest Monday Week 7 : Things That Make Me Feel Healthy

Alright! Week 7 asks me to list things that make me feel healthy. The 52 List Project listed Mind, Body & Soul. So I will do that as well. And then I want YOU to list what makes you feel healthy. Feel free to add to my list, and let me know how I can help you along the way!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.23.28 AM

Tulip_Petals_Red_copy A protein shake in the morning. When I’ve bought some protein. And I don’t mind a sugary taste. (+Vitamins!)
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Sunshine!!
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Being productive early in my day.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Writing
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Care packages. Nothing special, really. Just notes of sentiment and tiny gifts that make me realize people are randomly thinking of me.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Travel. Not traveling itself, but the adventure in the destination.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Journaling. All types of journaling.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy The gym. I never feel good when I leave or before I get there (or while I’m there), but my mind knows I’m being healthy. I can acknowledge a more active lifestyle, to say the least.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy My new essential oils. Seriously, they’re little miracle workers.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy A phenomenal music playlist.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Live music. It does nothing for my earbuds, but I feel alive.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Letting my eyes rest when I’ve been on screens for the majority of my day.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Open conversations with friends and family.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Adventures with my boyfriend.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Matcha green tea lattes with skim milk.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Helping people when they need it.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Singing and dancing. Singing or dancing. Being a dork.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Naps. 
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Making someone’s day brighter with a random note/thank you note/gift.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy I really enjoy taking care of people. Momma Bear style.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Compliments. And smiles from strangers.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy A really great outfit.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Yoga. To Justin Timberlake or another amazing vocalist, of course.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Having an open mind.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Creating a checking off my to-do lists.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Planning ahead. Always brings me more joy.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Veggie chips + vitamins.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Visits to the beach… when my toes can squish in the sand and connect with the salt water.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Deep breathing techniques + When I realize I’m being patient. Often they go hand in hand.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy When I let the high expectations and pressures from my friends and the world around me fall to the wayside.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Cuddles with my puppy.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy When my boyfriend talks to me. His voice calms me down.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Scalp massages/Getting my hair done. I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE PLAY WITH MY HAIR!
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy The realization that I have friends who reside not only around the US, but around the WORLD. And there are gems in there that are genuine and care about me to such a great extent.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Being asked to hang out with people. Coffee dates, shopping trips, concerts… they’re thinking about me and they want to have fun with me. And that’s a very strong compliment and makes me feel bubbly.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Eating fruits + veggies. (+ spinach smoothies!)
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Baking vegan/gluten-free/healthy alternative desserts.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Consuming copious amounts of sorbet. Just way too much.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Not getting exhausted or short of breath during cardio. 
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy A long, hot shower.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Days without makeup.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Clean teeth.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Hot tea
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Lemon water first thing in the morning.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Sore leg muscles.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy A round (or 5) with a punching bag.
Tulip_Petals_Red_copy Crafting.



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