This Is Halloween, This Is Halloween…

Today is Halloween. I keep completely blanking on that fact, to tell you the truth, because it also happens to be my last day at the law firm. (I know, perfect timing on my part.) So–if you know me, you know this to be true–I’ve been baking my ass off for my coworkers.

But this morning served as an abrupt and harsh reality check for Halloween.

My mom and I got to the gym to complete our semi-regular morning routine (which I now have to rearrange for the new job. Boo.), and I was looking forward to really waking up to Jessie J’s new album “Sweet Talker”. I got on the elliptical and went to put my headphones on, when I realized they were tangled.

Like, seriously tangled.

I’m not very good at untangling things, but I started to do so. Then, the eeriest sound caught my attention on the gym speakers. Seriously, it brought chills up and down my spine.

Taylor Swift was on the radio.

I panicked. I started to untangle faster and faster, so I could sooner escape the reality of it all. I don’t enjoy her and I don’t enjoy her music. But as I started to fidget more, the untangling got more difficult. My mom watched in sheer terror as I furiously untangled the headphones, and got them on about halfway through the song. (Hey, I never promised you a rose garden.)

Happy Halloween, everyone. I hope you don’t experience the severity of horror I have already lived through this morning.


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