A Little Self-Promotion

Well, guys. I’ve done it again. I went and got myself selected to be in the B&B Theatres Short Film Fest! My wonderful and loving sister Erin curates it, but she could have easily cut me from the pack. (This year they had to cut a lot of submissions! I wouldn’t want that job at ALL.) Apparently people in the office think my work was pretty funny. So here I am, letting everyone know I’m a baller. AND that you’ll be able to see ME (Yes, me. No one would act as my lead female.) on the big screen! You’ll also be able to see the wonderful, stunning, beautiful being that is one of my best friends… Jack Reynolds. Let me tell you that that kid KILLED it. I gave him a character, and he ran with it!

So here’s the shpeal. 5–that’s right, FIVE!–B&B locations are showing a core selection of shorts on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21st at 7:00 p.m. And tickets are available for ONLY $5. The theatres you can see my lovely face at are: Wylie, TX, Wildwood, MO, Liberty, MO, Ozark, MO, and Moberly, MO. I’ll be going to the show at Liberty B&B (THERE WILL BE A RED CARPET!), so you should probably join me for the viewing there. I want a loud cheering–or jeering, take your pick–section. Thanks.

P.S. You’ll love the IDEA of the film. Even if you hate the film itself.

Also, I’d better see Kevin and Mitchell there.


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