For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram, it’s pertinent to this post for you to know that I am currently participating in a really awesome Insta challenge provided by Gala Darling. Every day has a specific prompt, and you follow the prompt and hashtag #Lovetober on your posts. I’ve been looking forward to this challenge since her #RSL challenge this summer.

Yesterday, the prompt was to post a photo and describe your perfect weekend. Unfortunately, I typed about 3 paragraphs out on my phone and when I went to upload the photo, Instagram erased all of my words. Glitch? Probably. I know I didn’t hit “delete”. (I forgive you, Instagram.) So I commented on the photo with the necessary hashtags and–of course–was too lazy to re-type everything. So I said I would elaborate in a blog post today. And I’m changing my answer from last night.

My perfect weekend would probably consist of travel. I wouldn’t hate taking my boyfriend and my family to New York and showing them around to all of the places I used to go and see. I wouldn’t hate walking around a city I’ve never been to and discovering dives and coffee shops and the culture of that place. My ultimate dream is to travel to Santorini, Greece. So perhaps that would be a good–extended–weekend idea. But last night? (Excuse the cheesiness, by the way.) Last night all I wanted was a simple weekend. Because I’ve had a lot of those lately and they’ve happened to really put me in a stunner mood.

My boyfriend has been out of town on business for twelve days. He won’t be back until Wednesday. So this weekend, if things had gone to plan and he hadn’t been flown to North Carolina on short notice, my brain prefers to assume things would have gone as follows:

* Saturday – Wake up early and go on a walk with Parker as the sun comes up. Of course we would be super bundled up because–at best–it’s been in the 40s at sunrise. Look for fossils and pick some flowers (or weeds) to take back and put in a vase. Go back to his house and make breakfast together. In my perfect world, it would be fancy pancakes (whole wheat banana walnut?), sausage links, eggs, and hot tea. We would sit and chat on the deck with his roommates and then probably take a nap. In the afternoon, we would have gone to Oktoberfest at the Renaissance Fest with his friends and whoever else wanted to go. Erin and i were never fans of the event, but the idea of going was kind of exciting. (The last chance to go was this past weekend, so I’ll have to wait another year.) We would drink copious amounts of spirits, enjoy some jousting, and find out our family heritage and crest information. In my ideal world, we would still have enough energy to make it to Waterfire on The Country Club Plaza. (Something I DID do this weekend, and followed it with a visit to The Cheesecake Factory.)

* Sunday – Sleep in. Sleep in as much as possible. Wake up with hot tea or coffee. Go to brunch. Go to a farmer’s market or antiquing (in my ideal world, it would never be crowded). Watch Parker play disc golf with his friends at the park. Be a cheerleader, but they would also let me throw a couple times. I would make a hole-in-one and everyone would be super impressed with me. Then we would go to Luis’ house (Parker’s friend who is also kind of my friend from high school) and crash his family meal and enjoy all of the basta we could handle! And we would say the word “basta” infinity times and laugh a lot. Then I wouldn’t mind curling up in front of the TV and enjoying some Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

That’s how this weekend would have gone if my boyfriend were here. But he wasn’t. And it was still relaxing and motivating and I still had a bit of a social life. So yes. Besides travel the globe, that’s what I would do.

It’s the little things.


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