The Ground Floor

As I mentioned in my circus rant, a lot of people I know are expecting children, adopting puppies, and just being super cute and cuddly with their pet friends. My best friend Michelle gave birth to her second child last Friday. His name is William Russell (Liam for short), and he is perfect.

No, I don’t really like children. I think newborns look like trolls and people make too much of a fuss about them. I even confided to Michelle and her doting husband Joe that Liam did, in fact, resemble a troll when I got to meet him. But he has since filled out and looks more like a human being. (Crazy how they change so much from those first few hours, huh?!) No, I’m not the most flattering friend. I definitely tell it like it is.

What I will say–above all else–is how amazing I felt during Michelle’s pregnancy. Yeah, I know it’s not about me (although I claimed it often), but having a friend who would talk to me about her cravings, her pain, and her blessings, made me feel like an insider. (During her first pregnancy, I was in San Diego for school and–although she updated me on things often–I felt a disconnect with the entire process.) As I mentioned before, I know it’s not even remotely about me. But I will admit that it almost brought tears to my eyes (ALMOST) when I got that text within an hour of my best friend giving birth, telling me about Liam and informing my sister and I that we could go see them that evening.

It’s times like this that I feel very loved and cherished. Michelle had just gone through hours and hours of labor, but she didn’t forget about us. She even text updated us the night before after they induced! She wanted us to be a part of it all. I know I’ve mentioned before what an honor it is to be asked to be in a wedding. That’s a HUGE deal. People think of who they want standing by them on the day they pledge their love to someone else, and they think of those bridesmaids and groomsmen first to share that moment with. That’s incredible. Well, it felt a little bit like that. Except way bigger. Because as much a part of Elaina’s life as I have been, I had to fly back to San Diego on the day of her birth and wasn’t able to meet her until about a month later. With Liam, I’m in on the ground floor of the life of this little tiny being that two of my best friends brought into the world.

And I’d say that’s pretty cool.

Me and the lady, just HOURS after she gave birth!

Me and the lady, just HOURS after she gave birth!

P.S. Thanks Michelle for letting me come with you to one of your appointments a while back. It was cold in the waiting room and the music selection was horrible, but it was a really fun day with you.


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