Underappreciated: Drive In Movies

Do you ever partake in an activity, read a book, see something on a walk, etc. and think, “Holy crap, I didn’t notice that before!” or, “I really wish more people were into this.” This is a thought I was constantly having when I moved home from New York City. There are so many things that go unnoticed in this world. And thus, “Underappreciated” was born. I began writing little blurbs for Serial Optimist and it became a column, contributed to by celebrities, comedians, and random friends alike. Well, I want to keep that little bubble of spirit alive. I want people to keep appreciating the little things. So, I am starting it back up (in some capacity) here just for you!

What’s up first? Check it out for yourself! And remember: If you ever think of something that is super underappreciated, SHARE IT WITH ME! Blog it, tag me, or send me some ideas of your own. I will ALWAYS appreciate it (and NOTHING will go underappreciated again!).

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.23.06 AM

In the springtime, my sister told me that the independent movie theater chain she works for was acquiring two of the drive-in movie theaters in the area. I have always LOVED drive-in movies. So, of course, my imagination ran wild. In my head, I was going to the drive-in every other day, seeing every major blockbuster and entertaining dozens of friends with homemade snacks, new beverage recipes, and Jenga between movies.

In reality, my boyfriend just said, “no”.

All summer, I’ve brought it up occasionally, trying to gauge his interest in going to the drive-in. The idea of a 50s drive-in experience is just so cute to me. Flouncy skirts, silly cartoon commercials, oversized buckets of popcorn and Oxford shoes… Yeah, that’s not real.

But drive-ins are still cool.

When Anchorman came out, my whole family and my cousins went to the drive-in to see it. Yeah, we were probably too young to be enjoying that as a full family, but our moms set up a giant blanket bed and we all got to lay across it and eat and just hang out. We have also brought friends from out of town to drive-in movies because–surprise!–you can’t see them in a lot of places anymore.

Maybe it’s a sign that we still live in a small town (Kansas CITY, guys!), but I don’t have any friends that have mentioned a drive-in. Basically ever. And I never saw one in San Diego (and they DEFINITELY don’t have them in NYC!). I just think the idea of outdoor movies–not necessarily rooftop or lawn movies, like is becoming increasingly popular–has a vintage feel. I can’t imagine a world without this option. And I’d like to take advantage of it more often.

Well, last weekend my boyfriend’s sister proposed a drive-in movie. So I was going to go with her whether or not Parker joined. Kid finally caved. We went (myself and all three Pennybaker siblings), saw two hilarious movies, and genuinely enjoyed ourselves (and the food and beverages Quincy and I so generously provided).

Why had Parker protested my idea all summer? Not sure. He’d never been to the drive-in.

If you get a chance to do it, then just do it. It’s fun. It’s dorky. And you kind of feel like a bad ass.

But I am a bad ass.


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