Fall Out Boy Is Still A Thing

In the springtime, tickets for Red White & Boom went on sale. Now, I’m not normally a Mix 93.3 fan (sorry, guys). I am a steadfast fan of Slimfast, Afentra, Danny Boi, Hartsel, Lazlo (some days), Jeriney, Meredith (go figure), Sam, and everyone else associated with 96.5 The Buzz. But guess what? Somehow 93.3 roped in Fall Out Boy and New Politics to their summer concert! And–even though I hadn’t attended a Red White & Boom in several years (since high school)–here I was actually slightly wanting to attend.

As the show came closer, it became more and more obvious that my mother sincerely wanted to go. Not only does she own every Fall Out Boy album, but she knows the words to most of the songs and is always super pumped about hearing them on the radio. I really loved Fall Out Boy in high school, which made it that much more exciting when I interned for their management company in the summer of 2012. (Unfortunately, that was when they were secretly recording their new album and I didn’t get to meet them. But I did still get to work on their social media. AND Patrick Stump friended me on Google+. So I’m kind of a big deal.) My mom geeked out over all of it. She won’t admit it, so don’t try to get her to.

So we got a hold of some awesome tickets and decided to go on a Schneider lady date to see Fall Out Boy. We went to will call to pick up the tickets and our friend Richard gave them to us (and chatted a bit). We then walked in. It was obvious we brought the median age of attendants WAY up… the other acts were very pop and made me seem SO OLD. I am only 24! What the heck?! We went in to VIP to enjoy the AC for a while, watched some fun acts, and then I got to rock out to New Politics for a second time this year. It was AWESOME. (Not to mention Boyd sang in the audience and chose the chair right behind mine to serenade everyone. People ran into our row and tried to plow us over, but we stood firm and just enjoyed the moment. Photographic proof below.) Crush also manages them, and I got to see them in passing during my internship, before they made it big with “Harlem“.

boyd boyd1

Fall Out Boy rocked it. Seriously. I had seen them twice before and–even thought Pete was DEFINITELY more toned down (fatherhood, anyone?)–Patrick Stump had 100x the energy because he’s SKINNY PATRICK STUMP NOW! It was hilarious. There was one point when Pete and Patrick were both standing on a platform, and my mom asked us if Patrick was really short because she thought Pete was teeny, tiny and he towered over Patrick. After a quick Google search, we found out Pete is 5″6 and Patrick is 5″5. Shorties.

I had a lot of fun. My mom was a super head banger, and got excited every time she recognized a song. So… all of the songs but two, basically. She was a “woo girl”, a dancer, and her neck even hurt Sunday morning because of all of her head banging. It was funny. And cute. And fun. And hot. 

So, of course, my hair was ruined after five minutes. At like, 5pm. 

Womp womp.


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