Trader Joe’s Has F***in’ Done It Again


Seriously. This is a big one, guys.

I have been experimenting with a lot of different beverage options at breakfast time. Caffeine in almost always a necessity, but what’s the best means of getting it, save for shooting it straight into my veins with a needle? I do not suggest this. But I am not opposed to trying it. To save my hands from jittering like crazy–and my teeth from turning brown, basically–I have been testing out some variations of tea, which is known to provide less of a stain with just as much of an energy boost.

Several times a month since about March, I have been walking into my different jobs carrying a green, frothy drink. Most people turn up their noses at me about it. Some people actually ask me about it. EVERYONE says it looks like I’m drinking grass. Here’s some news, folks: Tea IS dry herbs, fruits, and LEAVES. So I AM DRINKING GRASS. But what’s this crazy drink I’m enjoying (thoroughly, might i add?)? I’m having myself a matcha green tea latte.


Apparently it’s this green tea powder. You can find it in Japan, it’s super scrumptious, and it’s not terrible for you. Because you are drinking the entire leaf, you are receiving the antioxidants and health benefits otherwise lost when you just consume leaf-infused water (which is what other teas are). It is naturally sweet, so sugars in matcha are low (Diabetics, I’m talking to you!). Check out the link above. It’ll make you want to be all up in this business.

This powder is PHENOMENAL. Yeah, it has a slight grass taste. But it’s sweet. And I just think everyone should try it.

And guess what? You don’t have to break the bank to taste this stuff! I have been (Yeah… Starbucks and Scooter’s and even Headrush–one of my absolutely favorite places practically ever–have been slightly killing me.), but you can actually get matcha green tea latte powder at Trader Joe’s! I got to enjoy a few minutes in the store, aimlessly browsing yesterday. No one should ever let me loose in a Trader Joe’s. I will never come out empty handed. This is a fact. I found a tin full of this stuff. At first, I thought, “8 servings, that’s not near enough for $2.99!” Then my SMARTER self realized I’ve been paying upwards of $4.50 for a single serving. So 80cents a cup doesn’t sound half bad. 

I tried it Friday morning. I don’t regret it. And I doubt you will either! But you should probably go get your own. Save for my sister, I won’t be sharing the rest of my tin with ANYONE. (But I will be going back soon to stockpile.) And I’ll probably keep the tin to decorate and start growing my mint leaves!

Win/Win, kids!


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