JT (You Know What That Means)

It’s crazy to see old trends come back around. I know I don’t necessarily have the experience to say that (I WAS just born in 1990), but I’ve been around long enough to notice trends from previous decades and decades I’ve lived through and to note their similarities and differences. Now it seems like every boy band is coming back. Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, O-Town (Liquid Dreams, anyone?). Hanson never left. The one we probably won’t be seeing honestly–besides at that one award show that one time–is NSYNC. As sad as that makes me, it’s actually OK. Because Justin is incredible. And Erin, Ian and I went on a Schneider kid date to see him a couple of weeks ago.

It freaked me out when Erin told me it had been 14 years since we last saw Justin perform live. But it’s true! Erin and I went with my dad and a friend to see NSYNC when we were 9. Then we went to see NSYNC again the summer after 5th grade. Our parents took us as a surprise and even got us into the sound check! **My dad worked for the stadium and was helping put on the show, so we were spoiled for sure. What’s funny is, that was actually my little brother’s first concert. He was very tiny and VERY unhappy. It’s not my fault that for “Digital Get Down” they had a scary robot (like Zerg from Toy Story) that freaked him out and that he couldn’t handle the volume of the sound.

Well, it’s been 14 years. And Ian couldn’t have been more stoked to go to the show. He was even willing to shell out the $177 per ticket that Erin wanted… she HAD to sit best available to see him! (Goodness knows if he actually did meet and greets I would have found a way.) Surprisingly enough (or not. It’s not a surprise at all.) he was REMARKABLE. His stage moved (much like NSYNC’s in their first arena tour), he danced, he sang, and he even made Ian’s night by beginning to rap a Kanye song. (Thank God that stopped pretty quickly.) The only thing that was missing was a reenactment of his SNL skits or a surprise appearance by Jimmy Fallon, but I digress.

jt jt2


If you get a chance to see this man live, do it. He’s super cheesy and his voice can even be pretty annoying sometimes, but he’s DEFINITELY an entertainer. (Even better, take one of my siblings. They were in so much awe over the entire thing that it made me enjoy the show that much more!)



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