Farewell, Little One

My brother is, admittedly, a dork. It’s probably because Erin and I have really butted in and tried to help raise him. Here’s the deal though: the kid is amazing. He’s one of my absolute favorite people. Maybe our circumstance has been different growing up. I do believe there are factors in my family history that made the five of us closer than a lot of family units. But I will tell you… I am extremely lucky to consider my two siblings among my very best friends. I know the age difference (12 minutes… then 6 years and 4 days) may make us an odd bunch, but we have so much fun together!

All of that being said, it is with a heavy heart that I finally admit to myself that Ian is going to college. TOMORROW. He’s eighteen and he’s an adult and he’s leaving me! **Insert sobs here.

In honor of his leaving us (to go be a smarty and play golf in Iowa!), here is an assortment of our signature pose, which originated at junior prom (for Erin and I!) in 2007. We do it at all major events, but there are so many I can’t find! Whoops!


Our senior prom, 2008

Our high school graduation, 2008

Our high school graduation, 2008


Ian’s 8th grade graduation, 2010


Our “senior semester”, Fall 2010


Our college graduation, 2011



Erin’s wedding, 2014


Ian’s high school graduation, 2014

    Ian, you will never, ever read this. But I love you, IKS! Have fun at college! Be smart and call me if you need me! Or if you don’t… I’ll probably show up to bother you anyway!

ian ian2

***The main image is the day Ian moved us in to our college dorms in San Diego!


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