Throwback Thursday: Intern Extraordinaires

In high school, I wrote for The Sartonian, our school newspaper. In October of 2007, I got to write about three high schoolers who had internships. HIGH SCHOOLERS. WHO WERE ALREADY INTERNS. Of course, the idea was sparked by my sister’s internship, but that is neither here nor there. This is my little 17 year old self writing a newspaper article. OH YEAH.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.23.00 AM

Normally internships are offered exclusively to college students or those already headed into their career of choice.  However, three St. Pius students have defied that norm.  Senior Nick Conforti participated in an internship for Congressman Sam Graves this summer and Sophomore Meredith O’Malley began an internship at Lydia’s Restaurant in August, while Senior Erin Schneider was recently accepted to an internship at MetroSports.

Nick Conforti speaks of his internship with nothing but avid enthusiasm.  When asked about how he acquired such a remarkable internship, his professionalism was noted.  “I called and spoke with a member of their staff.  I sent an application and cover letter to their office.  I also had Brad Bailey, a former intern, speak to them on my behalf.”  Nick’s regular tasks over the summer months included answering phones, answering questions for constituents, filing, attending meetings, and preparing events.  His internship located him at the Liberty District Office.  What made this internship so imperative for him?  “I always stay up to date with current events.  My interest in public policy was sparked in debate. Government is one of the most effective ways to help and influence people, and that is a position I can see myself in.”  Nick hopes that his experience as an intern will benefit him in the long run, putting his foot in the political door.

Meredith O’Malley’s interest in the culinary arts was what first sparked her interest in an internship at Lidia’s Restaurant.  “I wanted to go to The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and we went up there for a college visit and one of the teachers [at the New York campus] said that I should study under Lidia,” Meredith says of how the internship was brought to her attention.  Meredith approached Lidia at one of her book signings on The Plaza and Lidia herself lined up the internship.  Meredith interns on Fridays after school from around 3:30pm until 7pm.  She is under the guidance of pastry chef Dannica Bollard and hopes to intern until she graduates from High School.  What does she have to say about her future endeavors?  “I want to be a chef at a restaurant.  While I’m at the CIA, I want to go to an externship to France.”

When inquired on her whereabouts at the station, Erin is prepared with an extensive list.  “My time consists of setting up interviews and appointments, editing film, traveling on shoots, interviews, writing for ten o’clock broadcasts, operating the teleprompter, and other various responsibilities.”  Three days a week since early September, Erin Schneider drives south to the Winchester Business Complex, located just down the street from Swope Park and the Kansas City Zoo.  Her hours fluctuate depending on how much assistance the MetroSports staff requires on any given day.    She pursued her internship alone, getting in contact with several important figures at MetroSports.  “I want to study journalism.  I figured it’s a great starting point for experience and Time Warner is a major nationwide company.  Plus, MetroSports coincides with the Hearst Corporation, which is one of the nation’s largest diversified media companies.”  Her internship will undoubtedly provide her with an advantageous outlet into her future career.  “I want to do something nationally, like Good Morning America or write for a major magazine.”


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