Inspiration At Its Finest

Lately, I’ve been pondering things. I do this often, but of course it’s been stirred by recent headlines as well. If things went south and I was gone soon, I would want some sort of positive legacy. I’ve always kind of chased this idea of being “known”. Being a singer was all I wanted as a kid, and we all have to admit that moments of spotlight are nice (when we don’t look like we just rolled out of bed), but I’m realizing more and more lately that it’s more important to be a good role model to regular people. After all, isn’t that all a celebrity is?

The other day, I was evaluating someone’s character. I was trying to decide what about them made me want to spend time with them. If you know me, you know I do things a little backwards. I don’t give people the benefit of the doubt. I usually assume that people are pretty awful and allow them to prove themselves to me. Good news is, most people don’t realize this. Well, cat’s out of the bag kids!

This person that I enjoy spending time with has several key components. But I found two to be the most true. And the I evaluated many of my other friendships and realized that, at the core of these characters, these people are honest and captivating.

I mean, what else is there to life? Live your life honestly and there will never be a true problem that comes your way. Be captivating and you can hold your audience–big or small–long enough to leave a mark on their soul and inspire them.

So I have decided my new (and only) mantra is “Be Honest & Captivating”. And it’s inspired by my friends and family, which I think is pretty cool. The photo above is some word art I drew at work yesterday, and I plan to utilize it regardless of its imperfections.

Because who’s perfect?

Be Honest & Captivating.


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