Throwback Thursday: Influences

Well, I have stumbled upon yet ANOTHER college essay. SURPRISE! And this one is about my dear Granny. I was lucky enough to have visited her while I was in LA a couple of weeks ago, and she’s still a little spitfire! So many hearts!


When asked to explain in 1000 words or less how one person in particular has influenced my life in a positive way, a myriad of people come to mind.  I have been nothing but blessed in knowing the people that I have in the short span of fifteen years that I have lived on this earth.  However, there is one such person that really stands out to me.  Her name is Mary Louise Weaver, otherwise known as my Granny.

I idolize my Granny for so many reasons.  She has kept herself in shape and extremely active in her community.  Her smile literally has the ability to light up a room, maybe even an entire city.  Her cute catchphrases such as “toodles” distinguish her from any other person I have ever known.  My Granny has a multitude of childlike qualities that I, myself, only anticipate and dream to possess when I reach her age.

Would you like to know what is so unique about my Granny?  My Granny, Mary Louise Weaver, is not even related to me.  Before I was born, she was a family friend to my parents.  Her son-in-law had taught a few of my dad’s sisters in high school, and they had always been close to my family.  My sister and I were born in Kansas City, Missouri, and when we moved to Sacramento, California, we had no relatives to spend our time with.  Mrs. Weaver was so close to the family that she insisted that we call her Granny.  Ever since then, I have felt nothing but love for that woman.  In allowing my family to call her what only her own grandchildren called her, she was giving us a special place in her heart.  Even now, I barely ever think of her as just another family friend.  She is close enough to be my relative, and that is what I will always think of her as.

My Granny is a wonderfully vivacious and spectacular individual.  When my twin sister and I were very young and my family lived in California, she was always there for every event that occurred, no matter how miniscule it was.  She was always there if we needed a babysitter at the last minute, came over so that we could hold “concerts” for a small audience, and drove out to our house so she could see us in our homemade Halloween costumes every single year.  She was even the person that my parents could count on to stay with my sister and I through the birth and death of my first brother, who was stillborn.  She was there to comfort my family throughout that difficult time period.  My Granny was the one my parents counted on to take care of my sister and I during the birth of my second brother, Ian.  She was there to congratulate the family and to make sure that my sister and I still received the attention that any six year old twins would require.  She was, and is, such an extraordinary person.

As I mentioned earlier, my Granny possesses a vivacious spirit.  Even now in her eighties she continues to travel the world, seeing as none of her family members live in the Sacramento area anymore.  Sometimes I feel that we have all deserted her, seeing as we all moved to the Midwest at different intervals.  Her closest relative lives six hours away from her in Los Angeles.  However, she has never despised any one of us.  She has an independent spirit, living alone in an apartment with the company of her dachshund, Midnite, and her Barry Manilow tapes.  She has gone out of her way to keep in touch with us, though.  Even though she was not introduced to the advantages of the internet until about three years ago, she has worked hard to become literate in the technological world.  She even downloaded AOL Instant Messenger, and instant messages me sometimes to chat, just like any of my other friends.

She is an amazing woman, and I do not believe that she understands how much she means to my family.  In fact, every time she speaks to us on the phone, my mother cries.  My granny is like another mother for her.  It is so difficult for us to live so far away from her that we have invited her to live with us countless times.  She refuses, because she absolutely despises the Midwest weather.  If anything ever happened to my Granny, I do not know if we would ever be able to cope with it.

Mary Louise Weaver, my Granny, is one of the most spectacular people that I have ever met.  She will always be a part of my family, and I will always look up to her in ways that I could not with anyone else.  I just love my Granny.


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