Throwback Thursday: Dear Potential Roommate

Found THIS college essay and dorked out. We were instructed to write a letter to our future roommate about our fears regarding college. At this point, I did not know that my sister and I would be going to the same school. We didn’t end up being roommates, however. Plus, my roommates were crazy. (How fitting, since I am headed out to Cali TODAY to attend the wedding of one of our closest friends from college! OOHHHH YEAH!)


Dear Future Roommate,

I am a person who possesses many quirks. I adapt well to my surroundings, and I only pray that you will be able to understand my lifestyle. I am a serious student, but a fun-loving person, so I hope I do not come across as too uptight in the beginning.

One basic, quite obvious, fact about me is that I have an identical twin sister. Although I have been looking forward to college my entire life in order to create my own individual being not identically associated with her, I am, quite frankly, terrified. I have never been an only child. It has always been the two of us, and I know that the college experience is going to flip that mentality backwards for me. Most of the things that I have participated in have been right alongside her. In the ten years that I have actually had my own room, it has been attached to hers by a bathroom. We have always shared a space: a house, a bathroom, a car, a job, most of our classes, every extra-curricular activity, etc. This lifestyle has been a blessing, although it has been stressful at times, especially when people are constantly comparing us to each other.

Yes, I want to be independent but it might be more difficult than I originally anticipated. Every once in a while, I might need some moral support— Not often, but separation anxiety might occur. And if I accidentally call you “Erin” once or twice, I apologize. It is only an accident.

All my love,
Meredith Grace Schneider


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