“Yes” Man

I know it’s probably overdone to just say “Yes” to things.  I have issues saying “No” and sometimes, that gets you over-committed and exhausted. But what is truly beautiful is when you say “Yes” to things that are new to you and that make you happy.

I said “Yes” last year to helping my wonderful Boss Friend with her charity Rock ‘N Paw.  Now we have this amazing website, a generous following, and multiple events and supporters to get money to some really deserving charities (and puppies!)!

I’ve been saying “Yes” to Groupon deals (consistently) for a really wonderful gym (even though I already have a regular gym) and have been having fun at said gym for almost two years now with my twin sister and a variety of other really cool people.

I’ve said “Yes” to discovering the city I live in for a year and a half now.  That truly took living in other places to realize that my hometown–Kansas City, Missouri–has a lot to offer. Our music scene is getting better, the arts are alive and thriving, and there are seriously events out the wazoo.  I’ve been getting friends involved, drinking new beer, eating random food, going to weird festivals… It’s been amazing!

I’ve been hanging out with some truly wonderful people–almost daily–because I say “Yes” when I can.  Living at home is really fun, but it’s nice to get out and feel like you’re on your own.  My friends get me.  I have friends that have been there for me since day 1 that I see all of the time, and some that are just now coming out of the woodwork that are striking me as some of the most inspirational and positive people in my life. I’m finding a calming presence with people that have really soothed my anxiety to an all-time-low.  I’m truly vibing it, and I couldn’t be happier right now.

I want to say “Yes” to all of the creative, quirky things in life.  Life is throwing challenges at all of us, and circumstances are not always easy to get through.  But “Yes” can be such an overwhelmingly positive decision that leads you on a path of pure bliss–even just for a little while.  If you’re worried about a “Yes” you may be about to make, I’ll talk you through it.  Decisions aren’t always easy.  As I said before, don’t overload yourself.  Always take the time to make decisions FOR YOURSELF.  Just know that you can’t experience new things–or life–if you don’t say “Yes”.  So SAY YES!


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