Quizzical Ponderings 7: Fiction or Reality?

For the past couple of weeks, I have been consistently posting “Quizzical Ponderings” (Aren’t you proud of me for sticking with it?). Well, here’s the deal. I keep getting answers that tend to point toward my true calling in life: I should be a superhero. Remember “I Need A Hero“? What about “Movies &… Superheroes“? I feel like my life has gone down a rabbit hole I may never be able to return from since my recent obsession with being a badass began. I’m destined to be a superhero and there is NO turning back!

I mean, not only does my name indicate that I will be a hero, but my movie genre is superhero AND I should work at The Daily Planet? I have known for years that I am a writer, but do we really think I am good enough to grace the offices of The Daily Planet? Yeah, OK. Probably. And I won’t just be WRITING about superheroes… I will BE the superhero.

Meredith, out.


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