Wedding Week: Friday Part II

(For previous info on wedding Week, check out Wedding Week: Friday Part I.)

Board the bus. Go to back of bus with Carly because I don’t need to sit next to Erin. I see her most days. Bus takes us the wrong way. Erin and I sigh. Get to old theatre that looks like castle. Meet up with parents, who followed us and were equally confused about the bus’ route. Hang back with Chris, Megan, mom, dad while they first take couple pictures. Some fun ones from location #1:



5 Of course my brother had to treat Tim like a jungle gym.


The family SUV dropped off the bandwagon and went to collect others (I assume, however maybe they were just drinking?) and head to the church. The bus continued on its journey, this time to theĀ National World War I museum down the street. Gio joined us on the bus because we had an extra spot and he’s awesome. Here are some fun photos from that scenic location:

11 12



Our third (and final) location was Union Station. Gio was GEEKING OUT over being there (architects… SMH) and people kept pointing at Erin and talking about how gorgeous her dress was. Well, she was the most gorgeous, but who am I? Just her twin sister. Her identical twin sister.

21 22 23 24

After Union Station, it was on to St. Therese Catholic Church in Parkville to have the ceremony. But guess what happened? Bus driver man dude got off at an exit where those of us who were familiar with the area were like, “What? Why?” The route could get us there but it could take more than twice the time on surface streets as opposed to highway for another 7 minutes or so. But we all kind of disregarded it as him taking the scenic route.

Only he wasn’t.

He turned across the highway (It’s considered a highway, but it’s low speed and one lane…) into the drive to a business. He parked the bus. I was like, “Homie don’t know where we are going.” As he started to look things up, Michelle and Joe realized we were parked on train tracks. And, of course, a train was headed right toward us. So Michelle (finally) got the attention of the driver and–without looking behind him–he panicked and backed the bus up. Well, now the back 1/3 of the bus was out on the highway. So those of us at the back were panicking a bit, hoping every driver was paying super close attention to the stupid bus parked across a driveway, train tracks, and highway.

So that was a panic moment.

Thankfully, he got it figured out and we got him to the church the way we all would have originally gone. Erin’s side of the family was there and ready to go for photos, so we took some at the front of the church (with my mom’s side of the family, my dad’s mom, our immediate family, etc.). Tim’s family wasn’t there on time (his mother the ceremony coordinator and his father the Deacon), so they didn’t get photos with the bride and groom until after the ceremony.

The fun part about all of this was that–while we were getting photos taken–people (the groomsmen) were slowly realizing that they left all of the AV equipment to shoot the ceremony at the reception video. Several minor panic attacks (by me) later, we had people set up around the church with random handheld cameras and phones. Thank goodness for backup. Oh, and the groom couldn’t find the marriage certificate. No big deal.

The ceremony happened. I didn’t mess up too much. I cried like a baby. LIKE. A. BABY. When the music started (They played the theme song from Skyrim and “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things” and then Erin walked in to “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music.), I just started bawling. My mom saw it and handed me a tissue. As soon as that happened, every girl in line needed one so my mom was just providing Kleenex. I wish we had a photo of that, actually. It was quite amazing. I didn’t stop crying.


Really, for most of the rest of the night I was crying.

It was cute.

When we walked out, we walked out to “Skyfall” which was badass. We walked around the corner to sign the marriage certificate and everyone was hugging the bride and groom. I got a big hug from Tim. Then–since there was no marriage certificate–Erin and Tim took photos with his family while people disbursed. And I hugged people and cried more. Because apparently that was my job that day? We left the church without having the certificate signed though, so technically the two weren’t quite married yet.

Also to be continued…


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