Puppy PSA!

You haven’t heard yet? There’s an awesome nonprofit that launched in the last year, and they’re participating in Fuzzy Fotos KC to benefit Great Plains SPCA and The Kansas City Care Clinic.

About a year ago, my genius boss Chris was involved in a Fuzzy Fotos campaign to help HER boss raise the most money for the aforementioned causes. Her boss was so impressed with Chris’ amazing work (They WON!) that she nominated her to launch a team for this year’s Fuzzy Fotos. But Chris was so amped up saving puppies that she actually started her own non profit called Rock ‘n Paw. I have been lucky enough to help her with her brainchild. Seriously, you can email me at meredith@rocknpaw.org if you so choose!

This month, you can look forward to a bevy of events in the name of Rock ‘n Paw that will benefit the SPCA and KC Care Clinic! All of the proceeds from our fundraising go to our team’s Fuzzy Fotos endeavors… AKA straight to charity! Here is our list of events:

Between July 1 – July 31 Treats Unleashed (in Lenexa) will donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their specially decorated Spotlight treats to Team Rock ‘n Paw. SO SHOP FOR YOUR PUP INFINITY TIMES!

July 26th from 11-3: Team Rock ‘n Paw  will join Treats Unleashed for their annual Ice Cream Social. Don’t miss this summer classic – bring your pets, buy a dog-friendly ice cream for your pet and an extra ice cream treat for one or three of the homeless pets! (4209 West 119th Street 
Leawood, KS, 66209)

July 27th from 11-3: Rock ‘n Paw is hosting a Celebrity Dog Wash at Treats Unleashed! Johnny Dare and Chris Kramer will be on-location, along with some of their famous friends to wash your dog for only $20! All proceeds, including tips, benefit Great Plains SPCA! (4209 West 119th Street 
Leawood, KS, 66209)

August 1st: Join us August 1st at 6PM at The Cashew for our End of Tour Party. Details to follow and all information will be updated on the Rock ‘n Paw website. (2000 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO, 64108)

Not only is all of the above something to look forward to, but look out for DoubleTake Productions at Treats Unleashed during our ice cream social weekend! We will be there taking photos of you and your furry friends. All proceeds/donations will benefit our cause.

Want other ways to get involved? Our limited edition Rock ‘n Paw bracelets are now available for a small donation. Check them out (and order them) here! Otherwise, go to Fuxxy Fotos KC and vote for Team Rock ‘n Paw to win it all!

Here’s a little bit more about the lovely team reppin’ Rock ‘n Paw:

Despite a show that often pushes the envelope, with segments like “Naked Twister” that netted them a $220k fine from the Federal Communications Commission(FCC), the show gives back to the community thru their “Hand Up Campaign” and with Dare’s involvement as Honorary Chairman of the March of Dimes annual Bikers for Babies Ride.

In 1996, Dare launched the Hope For The Holidays Campaign, helping individuals and families who aren’t able to be helped by conventional charities. This eventually spawned the Hand Up Campaign, spreading the message year round.

Dare is also the narrator on the Tru TV series, Full Throttle Saloon which focuses on the Sturgis, SD based bar of the same name.

Chris Kramer is the Director of Ticketing Services at Sprint Center/AEG. Previously an Advanced Product Specialist for Ticketmaster, she has worked in and around the concert and special events industry for years since being one of the most loved bartenders in the Kansas City metropolitan area. She previously helped out on another Fuzzy Fotos campaign, which inspired her to form her very own pet charity to raise money for displaced animals seeking homes.

Chris is known as a leader and her problem-solving skills are unmatched, two qualities which make her perfect to run an astonishing campaign and to keep the fundraising efforts going into the future. She has mothered two astonishingly well-behaved pups, and continues to dress Theo in ridiculous clothing and take hundreds of photos of him.

Barger is a Blue Heeler/Aussie mix that was rescued 9 years ago from Animal Haven, a former affiliate of the Great Plains SPCA. He is the cutest member of The Johnny Dare Morning Show, and might be the most photographed member of the show. He is also the most well-trained member, and knows more tricks than his Dad. Barger is always about two steps behind Johnny even if he does dress him up and make him wear funny hats and sometimes Godzilla masks. He has his own sidecar for Johnny’s motorcycle and owns doggy goggles so his doggy eyes are protected. He loves Jeep rides and giving cute girls kisses, and he also gives hugs. He can clear the studio, which might be payback for the funny hats and masks! Barger is a best-friend, and a companion like no other.

Theo is a Pitbull/Boxer mix, and will be celebrating his 7th birthday late this summer. He was rescued from a box at a construction site where he had been left with one of his brothers and one of his sisters. All the guys at the site took a puppy and Theo got brought home to Chris. Theo was named after Chris’ father because her family was leaving for Michigan to spread his ashes the week that she got him. He was tiny, she took him to work with her the first couple of weeks she had him. She would hide him in her purse in the elevator so no one would see him. Yes he was that little! One day he farted and of course the elevator was packed, and everybody acted as if they did not hear or notice the terrible odor of puppy farts. That was the same day he pooped in her former boss’ office… Clearly he had a good judge of character! Theo loves everybody; he loves every little kid in the neighborhood, all the dogs, and the mailman. He loves to go on walks, enjoys going to Sprint Center to hang in the Ticket Office, and LOVES riding in mommy’s Jeep. This spring the two of them had to say a sad goodbye to his beloved sissy Athena—their Great Dane—and neither of them have been the same since. Chris is guessing by the end of the summer they will be at Great Plains to welcome another sissy into the Kramer family.


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