Quizzical Ponderings 6: Movies &… Superheroes!

Today, I went ahead and took the What Genre Would The Movie Version Of Your Life Be? quiz. I don’t really agree with the results. In fact, I think the yielded results only exist because I said my movie would be shot in NYC. (To be fair, NYC was the only city on the list that I have ever lived in. So, of course I would shoot a film ABOUT MY LIFE there. But also on-location in KC, SD, and Sacramento. Duh.)

My answers to the questions were pretty obvious, if you know me. I would cast Emma Stone as my lead. Or Jennifer Lawrence, but Emma wins this one out in my eyes. As stated previously, at least part of it would take place in NYC to stay true to my life story. Who do you really think I would hire to sing the theme song? Katy Perry. Do you even know me? The villain would probably be Sofia Vergara. I get along mostly with guys, so I feel like a woman would be the one to foil my life. She was justified because foreigners always love me, but I have had issues with crazy foreign roommates (you know who you are). I really would hope NO ONE would die for “dramatic effect”. But if it’s a story about my life, I would include a funeral or two probably and they would be my family members. Speaking with experience, sadly. Also, if you know me, you know most of my budget would go to music. Probably because I would do my own music. So the $$ would go to me. My movie would be PG-13, and it would be labeled as “endearing”.

With all of those answers, I thought I’d get a quirky genre. Like “Rom Com” or “Indie”. But I had to stay true to my superhero ways… so of course I got “Superhero Movie”. No, I am not down with the photo of Scarlett Johansson. That is not a thing. But, like last week, I think it’s time for me to put on some spandex and a cape and run around like a crazy person. AKA do what I do best.

What genre would your life movie be? What do you think mine should have been? Why? Leave me love notes in the comments! K BYEEEEEE!



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