Light Em Up

I super enjoy going to Zumba class. Erin and I have been going for well over a year now pretty consistently (thank you, Groupon!) at a place called PoleWorx. If you get a chance and you’re in the area, GO THERE! The instructors are phenomenal, they have a wide range of classes, it makes you feel good about yourself, and it’s fun! I had Erin’s 2nd Bachelorette Party there (although I still don’t think I’ll be allowed to post those photos until we are all good and 50).

Anyway, there are several songs I get really amped about dancing to. One of the songs that makes me feel like a badass when we dance to it is “Light Em Up“. I don’t know what it is, but perhaps setting things on fire is a fun mental image for me. I also grew up with Fall Out Boy and interned for their management company for a summer two years ago, so those could be reasons I get so excited as well. And dancing to that song this week reminded me… It’s the freakin’ FOURTH OF JULY!

Writing this post, I have zero idea what I’m actually going to end up doing on Friday. Around noon I will probably be at a local lake with my dad’s friends from high school and their families. Per usual. Oh, and my friends too since his friends’ kids went to the same high school with me. I will probably happen upon a handful or more of people that I never wanted to encounter after high school, but that’s the norm. I will eat lots of food and I will enjoy some sun. Assuming the sun comes out on my day off, which it rarely does these days. I know what I will wear if I feel like I can pull it off (maroon tank top, white and black polka dot bikini top, blue high waisted shorts with white polka dots, and American pride), and I know what I will be taking to the picnic. But that’s a surprise.

After that, I intend to hang out with my Pennybakers. Because they’re all awesome, and watching them (slash Quincy’s boyfriend) blow things up will be entertaining. I fully expect to see people decked out in the most ridiculous outfits, but this is a day I will reserve all judgment for myself. America is celebrating its independence. Who am I to judge the people who are out having a good time? Let it all hang out, guys! (Just don’t bring the man thong and perhaps I’ll overlook all of your indiscretions.)

Yup. This post was a ridiculous rant. But I just want to say something. I am SUPER proud to be an American. Every day. And I am very happy to be able to celebrate fun things like this, and to make memories with amazing people.

And to protect my puppy from all firework noises.

What are YOU doing this weekend? Care to share what you’ve been up to? Leave a comment below or write a post and link me! I’ll be happy to share your post on my blog!


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