Wedding Week: Friday Part I

I’ve left you hanging for too long. I bet you’re wondering what happened next during Erin‘s Wedding Week, aren’t you? Well, we last left off with Thursday Part II. Which means we have finally made it to WEDDING DAY!!! My sister and her lovely husband scheduled their wedding for a Friday. A good reason to do this? Cheaper price at the venue. Plus you’re competing against less people for venue space and the church. PLUS then our out of town friends have a weekend to spend with us post-wedding. PLUS other things I’m sure, but these are the reasons I am aware of.


Erin and I slept in the giant bed in the Bridal Suite. (Carly found the pull out couch, Stesha found the other bedroom, and Allison slept on the giant leather sectional. We all had our own space. It was magnificent.) I woke up and slipped out around 6:55am to find the bus station our friends Jess and Bryan were riding in to. It was cloudy and a little bit creepy to be driving around downtown with nothing going on. My GPS took me to the wrong place first, but I got to observe the sleepy streets of KC for a bit. When they got there, they found my car immediately (good ol’ maroon Chevy Malibu from college!), and I took them to their fancy hotel at Crown Center. Jess was super stoked on their gift to the couple (an AMAZING coffee maker and a “his” and “hers” mug set) and couldn’t wait to get it wrapped up and ready to go!

Our "waking up" photo. TWINS!

Our “waking up” photo. TWINS!

When I got back to the venue, I had to start getting people up and around. (Plus the event coordinator was already in the bridal suite baking cinnamon rolls, setting out fruit, and getting stuff ready. Super awesome, but also a little bit of an invasion of privacy when you’re still in bed if you ask me.) People were not impressed with me and kind of cranky. Good news is, originally no one wanted to go with me to Westport Coffeehouse to get our special decorated beverages, but they slowly came around and the five of us did make the trip around 9:15. Erin and I LOVE LOVE Westport Coffeehouse, so I emailed the owner prior to the event and asked her if they would write “Bride”, “Maid of Honor”, “Mother of the Bride”, “Bridesmaid” on each of our cups when we got there (and if Erin could get her beverage free like at the dreaded SBux). After several emails back and forth, we had a head count and we got there to some of the most elaborately decorated beverage containers I’ve ever seen! They really went out of their way to make the cups cute and fun. PLUS Erin’s beverage was free (I paid for the others, so it was free for them too!) and the service was outstanding, per usual. P.S. Erin I really need to get a THANK YOU in the mail to them. I keep forgetting. I’m the worst MOH ever!!! A couple of the bridesmaids who I thought would be there with us weren’t, so I actually got to get drinks for Allison’s mom (basically the second Mother of the Bride) and her sister Megan… and they said “Bridesmaid”! I know, how cute!

The CUTEST hair as we get ready with our beautiful beverages!

The CUTEST hair as we get ready with our beautiful beverages!

When we got back, things were in full swing. Momma Chris, Megan, and my mom made it to the venue. They had purchased breakfast sandwiches for us and we were all nom nom-ing while we carried the millions of (homemade!) cookies and cakes into the event space and started setting them out all pretty on the tables. I curled my hair and pinned it back to fix it later, and did my makeup in between helping Erin with her hair and makeup (Which held up all day and was one of my greatest accomplishments this far in my life!).


There was so much going on during the next few hours that I’m losing my mind on the time frame. Jenny, Jennie, and Michelle showed up and everyone was getting ready in the bridal suite. I helped people with their hair, their makeup, hair sprayed the crap  out of everything, and made sure everyone had mimosas. We gave Erin her gift from everyone, which was a memory scrapbook. She went through all the photos while getting ready. The photographers were in, taking photos of us and the dress and the event space. My dad and brother (& Gio) showed up to help with stuff and my dad brought an envelope with cards my boss friend, Chris, had written for me to prepare for the wedding. (There were several for each day leading up to the ceremony, but we all got confused with the timeline so I read them all that day and they got me smiling and ready to be the perfect MOH, of course.) My mom ran out to get her hair blown out at her (conveniently located) salon and brought back Jimmy John’s for us to take on the bus for lunch at a later time.


When mom got back, she changed. Everyone changed. Then the photographers did the photos of mom and I getting Erin into her dress and putting on the “Future Mrs. Zimmerman” sash I gave her at her first Bachelorette Party, then taking the “future” off of it. It was quite cute. Erin went to take the first look photos with Tim and most of the girls were ready and went to watch. Someone scoffed at me for not being in my dress and completely ready, but the bride was my first priority. (Plus I got the bridal suite all to myself to change and put the ribbon on my dress and take a deep breath while everyone guffawed over Erin and Tim.)

2 1


Apparently the boys had been ready and in their tuxedos for HOURS, so when I was done changing it was basically time to get on the bus and go. 1pm we were out of the venue and down the street on our way to the first place for photos!

Boys, being ready for DAAAYSSSS

Boys, being ready for DAAAYSSSS

Carpal tunnel. To be continued…



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